Just to say Merry Christmas to All!

It's been a while since I last posted here. I got very busy adjusting to my new work, I've no more energy to write and publish new post for almost a month now. Hopefully, next year I would be able to balance my time so I can update this blog. I still have two more pending series to post - my road trip in Rizal as well as my short weekend getaway in Ilocos Norte. Hopefully, I can post all about these trips soon. :)

Anyway, I came up with this update just to greet you my few readers (if there is any, that is...hehe!) and everyone else who chanced upon this blog a very merry Christmas. Let us all celebrate this season with a joyful and loving heart and let us all be a blessing to one another. God bless everyone.

Food Trips | Isdaan: A Floating Resto-Fun Park in Calauan, Laguna

Isdaan Floating Restaurant - Calauan, Laguna
Isdaan Floating Restaurant - Calauan, Laguna

During our road trip to Laguna, we were supposed to go to Nagcarlan and visit the underground cemetery. However, we ran out of time we decided to head back to Manila as it's already getting late. There's still one stop we had to make too, and that is at the Isdaan Floating Restaurant in Calauan, Laguna. Since we already passed by it on our way to Nagcarlan (supposedly), we didn't have a hard time locating it. It's well-lighted anyway, with towering statues and buddhas that can be seen from the highway, you wouldn't miss it actually.

Laguna | A Thanksgiving Visit to St. John the Baptist Parish Calamba

St. John the Baptist Parish Calamba
St. John the Baptist Parish, Calamba, Laguna

After our visit to the Rizal Shrine during our (my friend and I) Laguna road trip last October, we also went to St. John the Baptist Parish (also known as Calamba Church) to visit the church and to pray and thank the Lord for a safe trip. The church is located just across the Rizal Shrine, the birthplace of our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. Built in 1859, this church is where Jose Rizal was baptized in June 22, 1861.

Laguna | Orient: The Original (and the Best) Buko Pie Bakeshop

@ the Orient: The Original Buko Pie Bakeshop in Los Baños, Laguna

I've known this buko pie brand since the late 90's. My former supervisor (from my first job) used to bring us buko pie from this bakeshop. He told us then that this is the best buko pie in Laguna. And I agree!  At least from the several brands I tried, this is the best so far.

Anyway, we were here last October 15, during our road trip to Rizal Shrine in Calamba. My friend, who is also familiar with this bakeshop, bought three boxes of pies (2 boxes of buko pie and a box of pineapple pie) and two packs of espasol (a tube-shaped rice cake with grated coconut and milk rolled in toasted rice flour) for his family. Me? I bought a box of buko pie and a pack of espasol, too. But before we could get our orders, we had to endure more than an hour, an hour and half I think, of waiting. A lot of people, mostly tourists (see the photo below), were queuing up to buy their famous buko pie. Most of them bought not just a box or two, but five boxes of buko pie, some even more. That's how famous this buko pie is. ;)

Laguna | Road Trip to Rizal Shrine in Calamba

Rizal Shrine - Calamba City, Laguna
Rizal Shrine - Calamba City, Laguna
now painted pale green (originally white) to emphasize Rizal's surname and to honor his family and their way of life;
Rizal came from the Spanish word "ricial" meaning "green field ready for harvest"

It has been a while since our (me & my friend's) last road trip. Last holiday (Eidul Adha or Feast of Sacrifice) however, my friend somehow found time for another road trip, amidst his busy schedule. Our destination: Rizal Shrine in Calamba City, Laguna.

Rizal Shrine in Calamba, Laguna is the birthplace of our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. This Spanish-inspired house by the Mercado (later on changed to Rizal to avoid scrutiny of the Spaniards) family is the first stone house built in Calamba during those times. However, the shrine today is just a replica of the old house of the Rizal family; the original one was destroyed during World War II. The shrine, as seen today, was restored/reconstructed through Executive Order No. 145 of the then President Elpidio Quirino, under the supervision of Architect Juan Nakpil. It was funded mainly by the contributions made by the Filipino school children and was inaugurated on June 19, 1950.

MetroFoodTrip | A Taste of Korea at Mr. Kimbob Korean Health Food

Bibimbap aka bibimbob at Mr. Kimbob
My friend and I were looking for something to eat at SM Food Court last weekend when we chanced upon this food counter with lots of customers queuing up. I got curious so I went near it and looked at the display. The food counter is Mr. Kimbob, a quick service Korean restaurant chain serving Korean dishes at an affordable price. I check out the orders of the other customers and noticed that most of them ordered a meal combo on a sizzling plate with rice and sunny side on top surrounded by colorful veggies, much like how Koreans prepare their foods (as I saw it on Koreanovelas). It made me more curious  so I stood in line and also ordered for it. My friend who's not as adventurous as me when it comes to food left and look for something else.

Quezon City | Quezon Memorial Shrine: In Honor of the Father of Philippine Independence

The bronze casket w/ the remains of Pres. Quezon at the very center of Quezon Memorial Shrine/Museum

One Thursday of September (third week), I went to Quezon City hall to apply/renew my NBI clearance. I left the house at around 11:00AM, got there past 12:00NN, went thru the usual process of applying for the clearance amid the oppressive heat and long queues: photocopied my ID, filled-up the form, paid the fees (125 PhP, local or abroad). And then there I was, at the counter where my photo and fingerprints will be taken and also where my receipt will be stamped of the date when I'd be able to get my clearance. But what has the staff told me? For me to be back on October 7, more than two weeks after! The staff said I got a "hit" and just be back on the date stamped on my receipt. I got annoyed. I knew the reason why I got a "hit" (I had this contractual obligation with a government agency before) but I already sent them three months ago my clearance from the said agency...tsk!

Anyway, to calm myself and forget about that somewhat "expected" event, I went to Quezon Memorial Circle afterwards to walk around. I've been to this park several times before, we (my friend and I) usually have our dinner in one of the restaurants there. But I haven't been to the Quezon Memorial Shrine yet. So I decided to pay the shrine a visit and see what's in there.

Batangas | Happy Family Weekend @ Blue Coral Beach Resort

Blue Coral Beach Resort - Laiya, San Juan, Batangas
Blue Coral Beach Resort - Laiya, San Juan, Batangas

Last July, my family had this relaxing and fun overnight stay at Blue Coral Beach Resort. As mentioned in my previous post, my brother took a vacation from his work and invited us in his family's weekend getaway. It was just an overnight stay, yes. But it was such a happy and stress-free vacation, especially for me since I didn't spend a single cent on this short getaway...hehe. Thank you, brother! ^_^

Anyway, Blue Coral Beach Resort is one of the beach resorts located in the shoreline of Laiya in San Juan, Batangas. It offers rooms and suites (furnished with basic amenities) and other facilities (swimming pools (for kids, adults), water sports equipment, restaurant, videoke bar, etc.) for their guests to enjoy. It also has free WiFi, for those who need to go online during their stay.

Food Trips | A Taste of Kapeng Barako @ Cafeño

Batangas Tamales with Santan (coco jam)...must-try together with kapeng barako!!!
You might be wondering why my first photo is of tamales instead of Batangas' kapeng barako? Sorry for that peeps! After tasting the kapeng barako from Cafeño Coffee House and finding out that it's good and tasted just like the kapeng barako I used to drink back home, I drank it all I forgot to take a photo of it (just a single shot, by the way). :P Anyway, I came to know Cafeño Coffee House when I'm searching for a place to eat in San Juan, Batangas. It was for our family vacation in Laiya, San Juan last July, when my brother took a vacation from his work as an OFW. And it was my first time going out with family without spending a single cent for it, *happiness*! ^_^ 

Bulacan | A Historical Trip to Barasoain Church and Museum

Barasoain Church
Barasoain Church - Malolos, Bulacan

History is one of my not so favorite subjects. I don't like memorizing names and dates and places, I'm not good with them really ('til now actually, I can remember the face but I sometimes can't remember the name...hehe!). With the so many names and places and dates that we usually have to memorize in history subjects, I mixed them up! Nowadays, I am more curious and I appreciate more the historical sites and the people in our history (maybe because I am not forced to memorize a thing nowadays? hehe...).

Batangas | When It Rains It Pours @ Sonata Lake Resort

Sonata Lake Resort, Talisay, Batangas

One week before our Taal Volcano hike, I called up a number of resorts for a one night stay. As mentioned in my Taal Volcano climb post, I was with my mom and nephews, one of whom is only 4 years old. So even though hiking Taal Volcano can be done as a day tour, I opted to stay in a resort. I texted/called up several numbers then, one of which I got from a blogsite. I confirmed it to him that we're coming and so I thought we have a place to stay. He didn't mention he's not the resort owner so I thought he is. And when I asked about the down payment, he said no need so again, I thought we're settled. I even texted him the night before we arrived, even during the trip on our way there, to confirm that we're coming. But when we got there, nah. Nothing! We have no place to stay!

MetroFoodTrip | MOA-Gimik-turned-Foodtrip at Papa John's

photo source: Papa John's FB page
It was one fine day when a friend called and invited me out. It was a Friday then; the sun is up, the sky is clear. No clouds to indicate that it would rain (didn't check the weather forecast though). And so I went to our meeting place, to DLSU, where we first met. As usual, I'm early. Our meet-up was supposed to be at around 2PM but knowing her, I left the house at past 2PM. I knew she'll be late, I'm sure of it! (laglagan itech, sorry Bipong...haha!)

As expected, she's late. I was already having my snacks at McDonald's near DLSU when she arrived. Since she was also hungry, she ordered something to eat too, before we go to La Salle, our first stop before going to MOA. We hurriedly finished our snacks and then went to La Salle to process her clearance and get her 4-month salary, from her teaching stint there last year. (Note: This isn't about the school's late processing of her salary; it was my friend's fault, she didn't submit all the required documentations. She's willing to write it off actually, I just urged her to get it so she can treat me afterwards, hehe!). She wasn't able to get her clearance though, we're late remember? :P

Batangas | Hiking Taal Volcano (with 60-year old and 4-year old in tow)

Binintiang Malaki of Taal Volcano
Binintiang Malaki - Taal Volcano in the postcards ;)
It was more than a decade ago when I first climbed Taal Volcano, during our visit to a friend who is from San Nicolas, one of the towns situated alongside the lakeshore of Taal. It was a memorable hike, not only because I was with friends, but also because we had some misadventures then. It was a spur of the moment adventure so I'm not prepared, most of us actually. I'm wearing a pair of sandals then, girly sandals that got torn along the way. And with no one to guide us, we climbed the old crater (at least, that's what we were told), not the one with the bluish-green lake. In short, we got lost. On our way back, the lake was a bit rough I thought we're going to sink. And to think we have no life vests! Ahh... young and adventurous, that's what we are then...hehe.

Batangas | Sublian Festival 2013

Batangas Sublian Festival 2013

I spent eight years of my life (my high school and college years) in Batangas but I haven't witnessed Sublian Festival in those times. Not even from my hometown where they said the sublian has originated. Last July 23 however, I decided to watch sublian for the first time. It was a solo trip. I went there on commute and witnessed the festival alone. Though Batangas City is where I studied college, this solo stint to the festival somehow gave me a strange felling. Yes, I can easily have small talks with the people there but the idea that I was there alone (after more than a decade) made me feel like a tourist.

Actually, there really are lots of changes in this city now; the establishments we used to go to, the lomi stalls we frequented before, were not there anymore. Except for my alma mater (though somehow different too because of its new name and higher tuition fees, no more "iskolar ng bayan" now, I guess) everything in this city looks and feels different. The streets are more crowded, lots of vendors are on the sidewalk, even the old commercial establishments are now more like bazaars, not with the same stature they used to hold. Sure, it's more progressive  now (same traffic though) but still, I miss the old city. Or maybe, I'm just missing my old friends, hehe.

Anyway, enough of flashbacks, back to the future now. Since I have no choice (solo nga eh) I just enjoyed the event. I busied myself taking photographs and walking around, observing the so many people that went there despite the rain. That's right, there were so many people along the route of the parade in spite of the pouring rain, especially in the plaza and in front of the city hall. The reason: they were looking forward to see the GMA Kapuso's float with the cast of My Husband's Lover.

Unfortunately, I didn't see them, neither the whole parade. Aside from being late (got stuck in traffic), the pouring rain prevented me from wandering the streets that long. I decided to go to the nearby church to pay respect and then just waited outside the church for the parade to pass. While waiting, I suddenly saw people rushing to the city hall (the church is just a few meters away from the city hall). They said the GMA float was already at the city hall and that the MHL casts were already making their speech. I joined them and went there too. Unfortunately this is the only photo I got: :(

this is the only photo I took of the MHL casts...
see the man in blue at the city hall's balcony? that's Vincent of MHL. 
Kapuso float without the kapuso stars ;(
the hunks! :P
super sireynas! :P 

Sublian Festival in Batangas City started in 1988 and is celebrated every 23rd of July ever since, in commemoration of the city's foundation day. Its goal is to instill the tradition of subli in the province. Subli is a worship dance in honor of the Holy Cross (the patron saint in the towns of Bauan and Agoncillo) and Sto. Niño (patron saint of Batangas City). Subli dance is traditionally performed with the accompaniment of a wooden drum and chanting praises (similar to the tune of traditional narrative of pasyon during Lenten season). Sublian Festival is celebrated not only in Batangas City but also in the towns of Bauan (where the subli tradition was said to originate) and Agoncillo. Though a worship dance, subli can also be construed as a courtship dance because of its steps and movements which resembles that of courtship. For more information about subli and its history, you may click here.

subli masters from Agoncillo, Batangas
subli competition - elementary level participants

Part of the Sublian Festival is the subli dance competition. It was participated by the students from the different schools in Batangas (province) as well as by members of the communities too. The program started with the presention the traditional subli as performed by the so-called subli masters from each of the three towns (Bauan (Sinala), Agoncillo and Batangas City (Talumpok)) where it came from, each of which has its unique way of dancing and performing subli. Below is a video I compiled from the short clips I got watching the competition. Pardon if the video and audio were not as synchronized as it should be, the original video clips have indiscernible audio that's why I edited it.

~ oo00oo ~

Realization: Traveling solo is not easy (despite the fact that I'm familiar with the place) - no one to tell your thoughts about the event/place (at that time), no one to chat with, no one to take your photos, and lastly, no one to share the expenses with...hehe! But hopefully, I can still do it in other places, places where I'm not that familiar. That's all for now peeps, happy weekend! 

Bohol Family Trip | Dumaluan Beach Resort 2 - Accommodation, Etc.

Dumaluan Beach Resort

As I said in my previous posts, I was able to bring my family to our first ever family trip. Though it wasn't with the whole family, it was still a happy out-of-town trip. It was my mom's first time to travel by plane and by ferry, my nephew too. So I was excited for them, a bit worried though because my mom is hypertensive I was afraid her blood pressure might shoot up during the trip. But thank God it didn't; it was such a happy and hassle-free vacation.


For this Bohol trip, we stayed at Dumaluan Beach Resort 2 (DBR2), one of the beach resorts along the Dauis side of Panglao Island. DBR2 offers several types of accommodation, one of which is deluxe. I would have chosen something of lower value but it was the only accommodation available when I was booking for our Bohol trip. DBR 2 deluxe room is an air-conditioned room with a double-sized bed, cable TV, mini-fridge with mini-bar, private bathroom with bathtub, hot/cold shower and basic toiletries (shampoo and small bath soap, a day's worth), and a small veranda out front. The accommodation comes with a complimentary buffet breakfast for two and is priced at P2,600.00. I had to pay P3,000.00 though, for the extra person charge (additional P400.00 per person, also inclusive of buffet breakfast).

The room is actually spacious enough for two persons but a bit crowded for three especially since we have to place the extra mat on the floor at the bottom of the bed. Because of this, there's no more space to walk around which makes going to and from the bathroom such an effort. But it's okay; anyway, we were there for only a few days. What I find a bit off is that they didn't clean the room on our second day, didn't even provide fresh towels and new set of toiletries. That despite the fact that I placed/displayed the 'please make-up my room' sign on the door. Apparently, they're not checking the rooms so they didn't see the sign. I asked the staff about it the next day and was told I should have alerted them through the front desk. Tsk...useless sign!

our room
pathway leading to our room

DBR 2 Breakfast

my breakfast, on our third day...
 poor mom didn't enjoy the food, she's limiting her fatty food intake, just contented herself with steamed rice and egg and lots of coffee, she liked their brewed coffee 
dining tables on the beach front

The Beach and the Sunrise

If you find my view of the resort's accommodation as something not very encouraging, the opposite is my take on the beach. I like their beach here in Dumaluan. It's clean. The off-white sand  is powdery, you can walk on the beach barefoot. Also, the water is clear and very shallow, you don't have to worry about swimming, safe even for children I believe (but still look after them, of course). I enjoyed it particularly during my early morning walk, when the beach is so calm, so peaceful. It made me feel so relaxed. After sometime walking, I just sat there at the shore; watching some other early risers as they too walk around the beach enjoying the sand and watching and admiring the sunrise too. Below are some of my photos of the Dumaluan beach.

clear water and powdery sand beach of Dumaluan
view from the dining area

Dumaluan beach sunrise
just like me, he's fascinated with sunrise, too :P
~ oo00oo ~

That's it for my Bohol-Cebu posts! For those interested in visiting Bohol too, try saving as much as you can for the trip. Touring Bohol is a bit expensive (around 9k per person), basically because the tourist spots are far away from each other and also because there is a limited public transport plying the route to their tourist spots (didn't see any public transport during our tour actually). One really has to acquire tour services from tour operators, unless you're comfortable touring the area using a motorbike which I guess, for the majority is not possible. Anyway, for those who might be interested in reading my other posts about this trip, please check out the following links:

Bohol Trip:
* Loboc River Cruise Experience
* Bohol Countryside Tour
* Dumaluan 1 vs Dumaluan 2 Food Trip
* CamFlicks | Bohol's Tourist Drawers

Cebu City Side Trip:
* Cebu City Food Trip
* Cebu City Walking Tour
* Cebu Business Hotel Accommodation

Thanks for visiting here peeps, happy weekend! 

Photo Wanders | Cebu Strait: Shuttering While Sailing

I am a trying hard photographer. I took photos wherever I am, even when I'm on the road (on cars or PUVs), on ferries or airplanes. Following are photos I took while on-board a ferry/boat. The first five photos were taken on a ferry going to Cebu City, from Tagbilaran City, Bohol while the last two were taken while boating during my early summer getaway in Morong, Bataan.

Snowy Trail
Cebu City Port

pink ferry...cutie! ;)
Tagbilaran City Port
barge...island (man-made?), I don't know, near Cebu City port
For stories on my Bohol-Cebu trip, you may click any of the following links :

~ oo00oo ~

Please bear with these photos for now folks, hopefully next week, I could come up with a new post. Blessed Sunday everyone!

Bohol Family Trip | Loboc River Cruise Experience

Loboc River - Bohol, Philippines
Loboc River - Bohol, Philippines
According to our tour guide, aside from Loboc River Cruise, there is also this less popular Loay River Cruise in Bohol, both of which  traverses the Loboc River, on different ends though. However, it is Loboc River Cruise that is usually part of the Bohol Countryside Tour (excluding the entrance/maintenance fee and buffet cost, of course). The cruise is priced at P450.00 all in, P100.00 for entrance/maintenance and P350.00 for buffet lunch, per person.

Bohol Family Trip | The Countryside Tour

Bohol Chocolate Hills
Bohol Chocolate Hills

I've always dreamed of bringing my parents in an out-of-town trip; for them to experience traveling, for them to see other places which in the distant past was an impossible endeavor. Last March, I was able to make this dream possible. Before the trip, I always check Cebu Pacific website for promo fare. Luckily, I saw one so I immediately booked our flight. As I said, the vacation was supposedly for my parents but my father begged off, it was just me and my mother and my nephew.

During the planning stage of this trip, I texted the numbers I came across in the blogosphere offering Bohol Countryside Package Tour. The numbers belong to Kathy, one of Bohol's tour operators. The tour is priced at P2,000 (entrance fee excluded) which include visiting the following: blood compact shrine, python, tarsier sanctuary, Chocolate Hills, man-made forest, Loboc river cruise, butterfly garden, Baclayon Church, Bohol Bee Farm, Hinagdanan cave, hanging bridge and shiphaus. It was the same price I read from other blogs so I book for it. I also acquired their services for resort transfers, from Tagbilaran port to Dumaluan Beach Resort and vice versa for P1,000.00, P200.00 cheaper than the cost of the same service offered by Dumaluan. One thing I like from this tour operator, she didn't require us to make a deposit as a proof of confirmation (I don't know if it's standard practice with all Bohol tour operators), she just told me to text her the exact date/time of our arrival and they'll be there to fetch us.

Bohol Food Trip | Dumaluan 1 vs Dumaluan 2

This is what made dining in Dumaluan 2 more expensive...har har! :P
Day 1

We were warned beforehand by our tour guide that food price in Dumaluan Beach Resort (Dumaluan 2) is very expensive; "dollar-priced" he said and suggested that we take our dinner in Dumaluan 1, a few meters away from Dumaluan 2. But since we arrived in Dumaluan late in the evening, we opted to stay in our resort and have our dinner in its restaurant. We were all tired for almost a day of traveling, going around and looking for other restaurant is not in our to-do-list at that time. Anyway, for our first night in Bohol, we have the following from Dumaluan 2's restaurant:

Photo Wanders | 3 of Bohol's Famous Tourist Drawers

Bohol Tarsier
Bohol Tarsier
One of the world's smallest primates, Bohol tarsier is a palm-size nocturnal animal with large imploring eyes that are fixed and immovable (their eyeballs, that is), with a head that can rotate up to 180 degrees, a long fur-less tail, and a finger (the third one) as long as its upper arm. This shy nocturnal primate is so cute you couldn't resist holding or touching it. But of course, you shouldn't! Or they'll be stressed their lifespan would become shorter, around 3-6 years compared to the longer and regular lifespan of 25 years. Bohol tarsier and Tarsier Conservation Area in Loboc is one of the major tourist attractions of Bohol.

Panglao Island, Bohol
Panglao Island
Panglao Island, with its white sand beaches and stunning sunset/sunrise view is also one of the major tourist attractions of Bohol. Above-photo was taken in Dumaluan Beach Resort in the Dauis side of the island (Panglao Island is divided into two municipalities, Dauis and Panglao); here, the water is crystal-clear and shallow and the sand is so fine, almost powdery, you can walk on the beach barefoot. 

Chocolate Hills
(Green) Chocolate Hills :P

Another one of the famous tourist attractions of Bohol, Chocolate Hills consist of 1,268 similarly-shaped grass-covered hills 30 - 50 meters high; the grass turns chocolate brown at the latter part of the summer season hence its name Chocolate Hills. But since summer was just starting when we visited Bohol, Chocolate Hills look like this - mounds of greens! :P

~ oo00oo ~

These photos were taken during our family vacation in Bohol early summer of this year. Please bear with these photos for now, I'll try to come up with posts about this family trip soon featuring the resort where we stayed as well as the places we visited including the expenses I had on this trip. Hopefully, I could do it soon. :D Thanks for visiting here peeps!

Batangas | Marian Orchard & Hermitage of Our Mother

The Sacred Heart Tower
Our road trip to Marian Orchard/Hermitage of Our Mother was supposed to be my pre-Holy Week post but because of some weekend getaways (and laziness afterwards), I wasn't able to do so. Anyway, I wasn't aware of these sites before, not until I saw/read Manong Unyol's post. I got curious so when I went home (I am a Batangueña, by the way) one weekend, I decided to go on a side trip and check out these places.

Though adjacently situated, Marian Orchard and Hermitage of our Mother are two different religious sites located in Barangay Malabanan in Balete, Batangas. The first one a sort of legacy the owner built and shared to the public while the latter, a retreat site/prayer house (also open to the public) owned by a priest who is based in Laguna. Both sites are conducive to prayer and meditation as well as some soul and self-searching; a place to go to during holy week, though most probably, it would be crowded during that season.

Marian Orchard is a Catholic-themed park built on a 5-hectare land surrounded with trees and plants of various kinds. It features a prayer garden, a chapel, an observation tower, fountains and shrines of various saints. Near the prayer garden, it also has this small native hut where one could just sit and relax and breathe clean fresh air. The towering pine trees and flowering (flower photos here) plants all around it add to the serenity of this place. If you're a nature lover and loves to have a quiet and peaceful time away from the city, this may be a place for you to go.

Here are some of the photos I took as I go around this park.

FoodTrip | Cebu's Lechon and Late Lunch at Dimsum Break Cebu City

Mushroom Siomai
We had our late breakfast at Dumaluan Beach Resort so we didn't bother to have our lunch at the port (Bohol). However, because it was already late,  (was already 2PM when we reached Cebu), we were all starving by the time we reached our hotel in Cebu City. So after checking in and leaving our things at the hotel, we immediately went out to look for something to eat. We were so hungry then we settled on the nearest fast food joint just across our hotel, the Dimsum Break. I know this was our first time in Cebu but having had nothing after breakfast and considering it's a bit late, we just want to satisfy our hunger the fastest way possible first, authentic Cebu dishes later. :P

Cebu | City Walking Tour: A Shooting Spree!

Magellan's Cross
If you have read my previous post, you would know that for the first time last March, I finally visited Cebu City. It was just a short visit, a side trip from our Bohol family vacationBut we were still able to squeeze in a few hours for a walking tour. I couldn't say for sure that I could bring back my family here again, might as well have a look around and see some of the city's famous landmarks. :)

So after a few minutes of rest in the hotel (after a tiring trip from Bohol), we went out to do our walking tour. It's literally a walking tour; from our hotel in Colon street, we walk our way to Basilica del Sto. Nino to the nearby Plaza Independencia and finally, to Fort San Pedro. And why did we do that? Simply because I thought it's near, blame my phone for that! :P (Before we left the hotel, I checked my phone for directions. I thought it would be easier to follow directions from my phone's map than asking the locals. The downside - places look closer (just several blocks away) if viewed in the map when actually, they are far apart!) Though it's still within walking distance, it's kinda far if you're tired and you've just been from a long trip.

Cebu Business Hotel | A Budget-Friendly Hotel in Cebu City

Cebu Business Hotel Reception

I've been to Cebu, finally. Yey! :D

Cebu is probably one of the provinces that can be easily reached, if one so like it. Several airlines fly here and there are lots of flight schedules available, from dawn till dawn of the next day. But it was only last March that I was able to visit Cebu. If not for the first ever family trip we had, I may not be able to visit it this year.

So where did we stay in Cebu?

MetroFoodTrip | Snackaroo Char-Broiled T-Bone and Porterhouse Steak

Snackaroo porterhouse steak
Snackaroo porterhouse steak

My dinner buddy is a meat lover. Any dish as long as it has meat on it, he'll like it. Though I'm a seafood lover myself, of course I also give in to meat dishes too. Yesterday, he suggested that we go to Snackaroo, an eatery that specializes on affordable steaks, which he and some of his officemates discovered and frequented for lunch.

Bataan | Westnuk Beach Resort: What to do? How to get there?

Westnuk Beach Resort, Morong, Bataan
Westnuk Beach Resort

Summer time is beach time for most of us Pinoys, especially for people here in the Metro. Even I, who's not much of a beach person (hate the crowd during summer), have been to two already; one in Bohol (no post yet) and the other in Bataan at Westnuk Beach Resort. As I wrote in my previous post, Westnuk is Morong's hidden paradise (at least for me); the beach is clean, the off-white sand is fine and almost powdery, the greenish-blue water is crystal clear.

So how do we get there?

Bataan | Westnuk Beach Resort: Morong's Hidden Paradise

Westnuk Beach Resort
Westnuk Beach Resort, Morong, Bataan
Hidden in a cove along the coastline of Morong, Bataan is a place I can call a paradise, Westnuk Beach Resort. It is located west of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (hence its name 'Westnuk'), inside a government complex managed by the National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR). Originally a private resort (some say you can only book at Westnuk before if you know someone from inside NAPOCOR), Westnuk is now open to the general public.