Photo Wanders | Cebu Strait: Shuttering While Sailing

I am a trying hard photographer. I took photos wherever I am, even when I'm on the road (on cars or PUVs), on ferries or airplanes. Following are photos I took while on-board a ferry/boat. The first five photos were taken on a ferry going to Cebu City, from Tagbilaran City, Bohol while the last two were taken while boating during my early summer getaway in Morong, Bataan.

Snowy Trail
Cebu City Port

pink ferry...cutie! ;)
Tagbilaran City Port
barge...island (man-made?), I don't know, near Cebu City port
For stories on my Bohol-Cebu trip, you may click any of the following links :

~ oo00oo ~

Please bear with these photos for now folks, hopefully next week, I could come up with a new post. Blessed Sunday everyone!


  1. Trying hard ba yan? Eh effortless ang mga shots, like a pro!

    Love the first pic... naiimagine ko kung saan ka nakapwesto... nakatayo ka sa gilid na mala Kate Winslet sa Titanic at may background music na "My heart will go on" habang hawak mo ang camera mo hahaha... parang mali ang pwesto mo, dapat sa unahan ng barko yon eh hahaha just kiddin'

    Musta na? Pabyahe byahe na lang ah!

    1. hi superM! Tagal na byahe yan, ang bagal at tamad ko lang magsulat, eto nga at puro pics lang, tamad-tamaran eh. ;)

      Mali ka sa na-imagine mo, ala ako sa gilid nyan, nasa hulihan ako ng ferry, opposite ng pwesto ni Kate, sa second level, facing the sea, kulang na lang i-spread ko din arms ala-Kate kaya lang baka mapagkamalan ako baliw eh, hehe. ;)

  2. Awesome pictures dear. You are doing a wonderful job:)

  3. Pinaka-gusto ko yung 1st pic - it speaks action :)

  4. Love the snowy trail and the clouds above the nuclear power plant :-)

  5. nice photo.....ilang taon na rin na hindi na ako nakakapunta ng cebu...........

  6. The pink ferry cutie is my favorite here....all your photos are beautiful! ;)


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