Looking Back at 2022, Looking Forward To A Much Better 2023

I will have to say 2022 was such a challenging year for me. I resigned from a somewhat stable job to pursue a more financially rewarding option in another company. I joined the new one last May but unfortunately, after just 5 months of stay, just a few days after I was informed of my supposed regularization, I was told I would be laid off. Such loss of job is a big blow to me, financially as well as mentally and emotionally. I’m not on my 100% health-wise and I also have lots of personal obligations to attend to as well family to support with so yeah, I would say 2022 is really tough.

But looking back now, now that I already have a new job (I started last November) and hearing some not very good news about the company I thought would be my last until that dreaded retrenchment, I would say what happened is a blessing in disguise. My new employer, though far from being perfect, is a good one. I may have experienced some issues with co-workers when I was just starting but now that everything’s settled, I can say we’re all good. So thank you Lord for this job. Thank you because even though I lost a job, a job that I thought was a dream job, I found another one; maybe not as financially-rewarding as the old one but definitely more relaxing and stress-free. And I get to work from home full time; no more going though rush hour traffic, no more queuing along EDSA for the MRT line, no more worrying about what dress (or shirt rather 🤣) to wear. A blessing in disguise indeed! Thank you Lord. 🙏

But 2022 was not all challenges and tough times. I get to fulfill and check 2 items from my wishlist last year. I get to double my UITF fund and build up my emergency fund, thanks to my previous employer 😊. I still have some balances from my credit card but with God’s blessing, I intend to finish it in the next few months. Although I broke the resolutions I made last year  - still sleeping late, after 12MN from time to time and wasn’t able to create a monthly blog post - but at least I tried, and I get to do 6 posts 😜. But the good news in terms of my resolutions is that I’m back to my health routine! I do cardio exercises (at least 20 minutes) at home every other day and walking in the park during weekends. Good job to me! 💪

A week had already passed for 2023 and I’m feeling hopeful, I believe 2023 will be a much better year, not just for me but for all of us. This year, I’ll continue working on my savings and build it up. I will continue to try to live a healthy lifestyle and I will do my best to create more blog posts this year. I also am sleeping earlier than usual these days, especially during weekdays as my work schedule is pretty early (AU time) so yeah, I have a good feeling that 2023 will be good to me. And hopefully to you all out there also. Happy new year everyone! 💥 Cheers! 🥂

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