4th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition | Japan vs. Finland

2013 Pyromusical Competition

It's been four years since the first international pyromusical competion was held here in the Philippines, and every year since then, it has been held here. But it's only this year that I was able to watch this spectacular fireworks display as the 4th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition officially opened two Saturdays ago, February 16.  Of the eleven countries (12 including the Philippines, for closing exhibition only) participating on this annual event, Japan and Finland were the first two countries to showcase their pyrotechnic expertise.

The show was supposed to start at 7:00PM (for Japan, 8:00PM for Finland) but for reasons I don't know (no sound systems were installed on the Silver viewing area, preventing us from hearing whatever announcements the organizers made), it only started at around 7:45PM. I'm so bored but we couldn't leave our place near the breakwater, or else we wouldn't have a nice place to setup our cameras later.

Anyway, after almost three hours of doing nothing but wait, finally the show started. Japan and Finland, the competing countries that night, showcased a musically-synchronized fireworks display of colors and formations (hearts and smileys and hello kitty from Japan) for about twenty minutes per country, keeping thousand of spectators in awe. Sadly, we were not able to hear the music (like what I've said, no sound system was installed near our area) so we didn't know anything about the timing.

Actually, I was not able to fully enjoy the fireworks display, not because it's poorly executed but because I was busy taking photos. One of my reasons, aside from witnessing it with my very own eyes, was to practice fireworks photography (feeling lang, so please bear with me). And I found out it's not easy. I can't help but watch the spectacular fireworks display as they painted the sky with bright colors, keeping my concentration away from taking photos. It's not easy watching and taking photos of fireworks at the same time, that's what I learned. And that's why in the end, I was not able to get good photos. If only I could synchronize my eyes and my fingers too, maybe I could get better photos then! haha...feelingera! ^__^

Anyway, below are some photos I took as I practice fireworks photography. Pardon me if I wasn't able to give justice to these bright and colorful fireworks. Hopefully next time (already bought tickets for the schedule of Canada and the Philippines, I really intend to have a second chance), I would be able to take good quality photos. *fingers-crossed*

Note: I purposely included here some awful shots because I did enjoy putting captions in them, it made me smile while doing this post. The captions are really what I think seeing the outcome of my practice fireworks photography. :P

palm leaves, on windy night (storm approaching...) ^_^
during the storm :P
after the storm! :P
jellies on fire! ;P
more jellies...
...on fire! :P
palm trees on fire! :P
palm trees caught on fire and storm, too! :P
rainbow-colored palm trees
more rainbow-colored palm trees! :P
reflections! :)
caption this! ^__^
this one, too... ;P
also this one... ;P
and this one!  (can't think of a good caption eh) ^_^
smile! :D
happy heart's day!  ^__^

~ oo00oo ~

4th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition
Participating Countries/Schedule

February 16, 2013
Japan (Tamaya Kitahara)
Finland (Oy Pyroman Finland Ltd.)

February 23, 2013
Taiwan (Yung Feng Fireworks)
Spain (Brunchu Pyro Experience)

March 2, 2013
United Kingdom (Jubilee Fireworks, Ltd.)
South Korea (Hwarang Fireworks, Inc.)

March 9, 2013
Italy (Ipon Fireworks S.R.L.)
The Netherlands (Royal Fireworks)

March 16, 2013
China (Liuyang New Year Fireworks Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)
Australia (Fireworkx Inc.)

March 23, 2013
Canada (Fireworks Spectacular)
Philippines (Closing Exhibition - Platinum Fireworks Inc.)


  1. ang gaganda naman masyado. ang taas lang siguro ng standards mo. para na ngang pag postcard. ;-)

    1. thanks Phioxee! di aligned eh, saka pangit ang timing ko, hirap pala kumuha ng photos ng fireworks... ;(

  2. Wow! Those are awesome. Have to learn that too. I only point and shoot. Di ko pa napagaralan manual ng dslr ko. Hays. Busy busy.

    1. pag may fireworks display dyan ate Joy try mo, kakatuwa lang kumuha medyo mahirap nga lang at kelangan ng magandang timing talaga. anyway, thanks po. :)

  3. Ganda naman ng mga shots mo girl super like it. Ano ba set ng shutterspeed pag fireworks ang kukunan very clear ung kuha mo. Share naman :)

    1. set mo sa bulb ang shutter speed girl, f16 aperture tas timing-an mo na lang yun shutter release depende sa kunan mo na fireworks. pwede din daw set sa 15 seconds shutter speed, depende sa 'yo san ka mas comfortable. sa case ko kase, bulb na lang ginamit ko. :)

  4. Yey, napost na! Superb shots, wowowow! Galing mo girl! Sulit yung ilang oras na paghihintay mo. Lumalaban kana kay idol Ms C hehe

    1. Ngek, ang layo naman girl! pero na-realize ko, kapag pala naka-set na yun camera mo (aperture & shutter speed), timing na lang talaga ang kelangan mo at yun ang pinakamahirap gawin sa fireworks photography. haysss...sana next time, mas maganda na timing ko. :)

  5. wow... great shots... we were there too... sana na-met a pala kita...hehehe

    thank you for sharing the sched ha.

    1. nanood ka rin pala! silver lang kami eh, layo kaya alang sounds. ;(

  6. mahirap talaga kumuha ng picture ng fireworks ilang beses ko ng inattempt yan but damn you're good! your shots were amazing! para na rin akong nakapanood ng fireworks.. for me, you did great! congrats! since i've missed japan and finland.. i hope i could watch canada's and phil's :)

    1. kabayan nga tayo..hehe! thanks sis, see you sa Canada/Philippines sched. :P

  7. I heard Finland's show is grandiose.

    1. Since I was only able to watch the fireworks, no sounds that is, I can't say it was an spectacular show. But I heard the same reaction from those who were at the VIP viewing area (saw their interview on TV), I guess they really enjoyed it. :)

  8. Sobrang ganda ng mga pangkakakuha ng mg pictures, ang sarap panoorin live.
    Alam mo di pa ako nakapanood ng ganyan, new year lang tapos hindi ganyan kabongga heehhe

  9. Grabe ang gaganda ng mga pictures! Ang ganda niyan kapag live sana someday makapanood din kami lalo na ang baby ko at ng hindi lang new year paputok ang nkikita hehehehe

    1. Luwas ka na girl, sched mo ng weekend para makapanood kayo ni baby mo. :)

  10. Wow! Gaganda naman ng photos! Sayang, mukhang hindi yata ako makakapanood nito this year. Pero parang nakapanood na rin ako dahil dito sa photos mo hehe. Sana next year ay makapunta akesh.

    1. Naku Ms N, kung ikaw ang kumuha nyan, I'm sure mas magaganda, ganda kaya ng mga kuha mo. Sigurado tama rin timing mo, ang engs ko lang sa timing eh, either una o huli, haha. sana next time, sakto na...hehe!

  11. Nice shots! Pyromusical is very much viewable in our house hehehe ☺

    Anyways, I nominated your blog for Liebers award hope you get to answer my questions ☺☺☺

    1. You're lucky you don't have to go out to watch it, libre pa. hehe.. Anyway, thanks for the nomination, I'll try to make a post about it in my other blog, hopefully soon. Thanks again! :)

  12. i really like the second picture (palm leaves...), do not be too conscious with your timing kasi base sa shots mo ang galing mong mag-timing ng shots! nakuha mo yung gustong ipakita ng nag-design ng fireworks. i love shooting fireworks if there's an opportunity, pero most of the time, hit and miss pa rin hehehe, but that's the beauty of doing it. :)


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