2013 Hot Air Balloon Festival: The Lost (and Found) Memory

Hot Air Balloon Festival - Night Glow

I've watched the hot air balloon fiesta with my friend last 2012 so I'm pretty much sure he won't go with me to this year's hot air balloon festival. But to my surprise, he gave in to my whims and accompany me to Clark again. (Yey, thank you BFF! ^_^) But it wasn't the balloon flight that I'm after though. I was looking forward for the night glow and the closing fireworks display; then food trip afterwards.

So at around 3PM of February 24, we went to Clark. It was a traffic-free Sunday, our drive through NLEX (North Luzon Expressway) went smoothly. We reached the site early and so we opted to make a U-turn first and parked our car on the other side (the side back to NLEX) to avoid traffic jams later on, fronting most of the parked vehicles that I'm sure were all there for the hot air balloon closing program.

We were still early so we just sit there and watch some paragliding exhibitions. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to capture it since I was not ready with my camera yet. Instead, I just took some photos of the displayed aircrafts. Afterwards, we went to the fence near where the night glow would be shown. Though it was still early, I still couldn't get a place to set up my camera and tripod, most spectators have camped out near the fence early on. So I just settled on a place near a tent thinking that I would still have a clear view when the night glow started later on.

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta - aircraft display
support aircraft?! :P
The sun was starting to set in when I finished setting up the tripod. I tried taking some test shots when suddenly, my camera stopped functioning. And what I saw on the display screen broke my heart - No memory card detected. Re-insert or format the memory card! Waahhh...my memory card was corrupted and I have no extra memory card with me. I was devastated! Not just because I wouldn't be able to capture photos of the night glow but because I still have photos there from my previous trip which I haven't made a back-up in my external drive yet. I want to cry that night, I'm really so upset. Though I brought a video cam which can be used to capture still images, I'm still more comfortable using the camera for taking photos. Oh well, I've no choice. I can't do anything about it then so I stopped whining and started capturing photos using the video cam. I resolved to just working on the memory card later when I get back home. Here's what I've got from the night glow presentation:


What about the closing fireworks display? Of course, I don't have even a single photo, blame it to the corrupted memory card! And because it's already late, I didn't get the chance to do some food trips too. Haist, what a trip! ;P

~ oo00oo ~

When I got home that night, I immediately went on working with my corrupted memory card. I searched and downloaded a software that could recover/repair it. I'm not the type who downloads software over the net unless it was from known and trusted websites but that night, I have no choice. I didn't hesitate to download the software I found through Google search. All I know is that I need to recover the photos from the said memory card so I'm willing to try any and all software available on the net. Luckily, the first software I got worked and I was able to recover the photos. I'm so happy then; so glad that I was able to recover the photos, reformat the memory card and make the card usable again. Oh, thank God!

Lessons Learned: First: Always back-up your photos. Second: Always, and I mean always, bring extra memory card when going on a trip.


  1. as usual, great shots... malinis... galing... next year ill go there, kitakits... hehe

  2. Yey courage under pressure!

    That's the right thing to do stop whining and solve the problem bec the shoot should go on! Nice one sistah I love all your photos. It is just fitting to call it "night glow".

    galing din dyan si Super M sana nagsabay na lang kayo para nagmeet na rin kayo :)

    1. Saturday morning si superM eh at di naman sya nag-aya. :P

  3. Lovely pictures. I hope next year madala namin si jamboy dito:)

  4. Naranasan ko na ding pumunta sa isang exciting event tapos wla palang m. Card ang aking cam, super badtrip lng diba hehhe.

  5. Nice shots girl esp the last one:) i miss my first experience riding hot air balloon last 2010 wish we could do it again.

  6. the photos you took here are beautiful anyhow...sometimes it is not the gadget but the one taking the photos...I wish you could share me the software you used to recover your old files :) this happened to me one time too...so now I make it sure to carry an extra memory card always...I don't usually save shots at once so I pray I don't ever get to lose precious shots :) sorry you missed to take photos of the fireworks, there is always another time, yeah right? I still haven't been to the hot air balloon festival and perhaps next year I'll make the trip :) happy blogging :)

  7. hindi ako nakapunta ngayong taon. sayang.
    da best ang mga kuha mo.

  8. Gusto ko maexperience ito. Buti kapa every year nakakawitness nito, inggit much hehe.

    Glad you recover all Your photos, was it recuva software?

    Agree always bring extra memory card, even batteries, that's if wala kang camera grip.


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