4th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition | The Closing Night

4th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition
4th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition

Last Saturday (March 23) was the final night of the 4th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition, a six-week event showcasing spectacular fireworks display from various participating countries. Just like in the opening night, I went to MOA (Mall of Asia) as early as 5PM. But early as I am, more spectators were still ahead of me. Luckily, I still found a good place in the breakwater, almost in front of the barge where the fireworks display will be shown.

Waiting for the show to start was a bit of a bore so I brought with me one of my favorite military adventures book by Dale Brown. But when the sun sets in and I couldn't read anymore, I just took some photos of the sunset. I've several sunset photos from my previous visit here but I think I'll never get tired of capturing it. Manila Bay sunset is simply beautiful, amazingly beautiful!

The Finale

At exactly 8:00PM (not 7:00PM, as published), the last of this year's fireworks presentation started. Canada, represented by Fireworks Spectacular, was the last among the eleven countries that participated in this year's pyromusical competition. They may be the last to showcase their fireworks skills but Canada is definitely not the least as they bagged the 2nd place award in this competition. I haven't seen all the fireworks presentation made by all the participating countries except Japan and Finland (during the opening night) and Canada so I certainly couldn't say what country is the best but of the three countries I've watched, Canada is definitely my choice. Its fireworks were colorful and bright and the effects were all amazing, spectacular indeed! Unfortunately, I still didn't hear the music (despite the fact that I upgraded my ticket to gold) that was played so I've no idea whether it's synchronized or not but just the sight of the amazing fireworks was enough to keep us all spectators in awe. Here are some of the photos I took from Canada's presentation:

this is one scary fireworks display! see why? :D
Closing Exhibition

I don't know why but Philippines is not included in the countries participating in this pyromusical competition. However, that doesn't mean we were not able to showcase our fireworks skills. Philippines, thru Platinum Fireworks, participated in the event through closing exhibition. If in last year's event, I heard the Philippines experienced some mishaps, this year's exhibition was totally different. Our fireworks display was definitely awesome; the effects were all amazing with different shapes and colors painting the sky, all very colorful and bright. And the fireworks were not just coming from the barge, there were fireworks in the water, and in the MOA eye; you wouldn't know where to look at. It was really an amazing show. Had the Philippines been part of the competition, I believe we would emerge as one of the winners. Platinum Fireworks certainly made the Filipinos proud, congratulations!

~ oo00oo ~

4th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition Winners

1st Place: United Kingdom (Jubilee Fireworks)
2nd Place: Canada (Fireworks Spectacular) and China (Liuyang New Year Fireworks Manufacturing)
3rd Place: Finland (Pyroman Finland)


  1. wow UK won!.. napanood ko yung sa UK and Korea.. at magaling nga talaga sya well compared to Korea hehe kasi sila lang naman napanood ko...

    superb talaga ang mga shots mo grabe!

  2. I have not experienced watching this... I'll try next year... Thanks for sharing this Tal...

  3. Ang ganda ng mga shots parang flowers.
    Gaya ng laging sinasabi ko i hope somedayma experience ng anak ko ito mahiliig kasi pero dito naman sa province once lang nagkaka fireworks, new year pabonggahan ang mga neighbors namin hijihi.

    1. Thanks Sherene! Ganyan din sa province namin gurl, ala din fireworks except during new year, kaya sinusulit ang panood dito. One day, maipapanood mo rin ang baby mo nito. :)

  4. Wow!
    Gusto namin ni Ysay ma.witness 'to.
    Sana next year, makapunta na kami ^_^

    1. nood kayo, promise, nakaka-aliw at nakaka-amaze manood ng fireworks display! :)

  5. Idol ang galeng galeng mo na sa fireworks photography!

    Pag sunset photos, kaw na naaalala ko hehe.. da best ang mga kuha mo, malinis!

    Oo na ako na late commentator, late bloghopper hehe sorry naman patawad!

  6. Superb pictures! I miss this big time:)


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