MetroFoodTrip | MOA-Gimik-turned-Foodtrip at Papa John's

photo source: Papa John's FB page
It was one fine day when a friend called and invited me out. It was a Friday then; the sun is up, the sky is clear. No clouds to indicate that it would rain (didn't check the weather forecast though). And so I went to our meeting place, to DLSU, where we first met. As usual, I'm early. Our meet-up was supposed to be at around 2PM but knowing her, I left the house at past 2PM. I knew she'll be late, I'm sure of it! (laglagan itech, sorry Bipong...haha!)

As expected, she's late. I was already having my snacks at McDonald's near DLSU when she arrived. Since she was also hungry, she ordered something to eat too, before we go to La Salle, our first stop before going to MOA. We hurriedly finished our snacks and then went to La Salle to process her clearance and get her 4-month salary, from her teaching stint there last year. (Note: This isn't about the school's late processing of her salary; it was my friend's fault, she didn't submit all the required documentations. She's willing to write it off actually, I just urged her to get it so she can treat me afterwards, hehe!). She wasn't able to get her clearance though, we're late remember? :P

Anyway, when we were about to leave the school, it rained. It rained so hard Metro Manila got flooded that night. For fear of being stranded later on, we decided not to pursue our original plan to go to MOA. Instead, we looked for a place near the school where we could pass the time while waiting for the rain to stop. We saw Papa John's, a pizza store near LRT-Vito Cruz station. We both haven't been there nor to any Papa John's branch yet so we decided to try it. And we ordered the following:

Chicken Drumettes and Wingettes, P229/6-pc order
When these arrived, I was kinda surprised. I knew from the menu photos that these chicken drumettes/wingettes were small, I just didn't know they are very small. They were so small apiece I can finish them all, alone. These measly wings cost P229/6-pc order, pricey right? It's flavorful though, no need for the barbecue dip. ;) 

Fisherman's Catch, P340 for a 9-in regular
I liked this pizza, it's not too heavy on the tummy. It's made of juicy plump (according to their standards :P) shrimps and calamari, with fresh green peppers and onions and PJ's signature garlic sauce. We also had Potato Wedges (not in photo) and triple chocolate float (for my friend) and iced tea (for me). All in all, we enjoyed the food at Papa John's. More so, our time together since we seldom see each other. We stayed there for more than an hour, chatting and updating each other on each other's lives (as if we're not talking on the phone almost daily..hehe). Anyway, thanks for the invite Bipong, and thanks for the treat even though you didn't get your salary that day. ;P

~ oo00oo ~

Ever since I tried Papa John's Pizza, I want my dining buddy to try their pizza too. Last week, we had our chance; this time, in their SM North Edsa branch. Since I like their Fisherman's Catch and Chicken Drumettes/Wingettes (never mind the small size), I again ordered for it. We also had Caesar Salad and Beef and Bacon (garlic pepper rice with ground beef, onions, green peppers and bacon bits), Italian soda (green apple) for our drinks. To my dismay, he didn't like their pizza. Except for the chicken drumettes/wingettes, he didn't like everything actually. Despite the many orders that we had, he said he isn't full yet. He's not satisfied, not worth the price according to him. He also said it's only good for diet-conscious people. Oh well, forget what he said. He just loves to criticize me for my choice of food actually. ;P

Fisherman's Catch w/ garlic-butter dip and pickled green pepper, perfect combo! ;)
Beef and Bacon, P175
Caesar Salad, P99

~ oo00oo ~

Papa John's Pizza
University Mall - Taft Avenue
Malate, Manila


  1. Nice bonding time with friends and with foods:)

  2. ang sarap mabuhay pag busog, nararamdanan ko yan pag kumakain, pero pag pagod naman sa work sabihin mo bwesit na buhay, pero kain lang pala katapat

  3. Laking shakeys ako pero na aappreciate ko yung papa john ...

    La salle late ang sahod tsk

    1. Hi Josh, friend ko ang at fault, di nya kase inayos lahat ng requirements. ayaw nya na nga kunin kase tamad daw sya mag-ayos ng requirements, pinilit ko lang. ;)

  4. Good to know sa gitna ng unos, ay nakukuha nating ngumiti ahehe ibig ko sabihin kahit pa bumaha, go walang hadlang sa food trip diba Glen? hehehe. As usual nagutom na naman ako sa pics palang hay.

  5. I only had one dining with Papa John and that was a long time ago na nakalimutan ko na yata lasa ng food nila he he.

  6. I love Papa John's especially the Garlic-butter dip and peperoncini. This is a must in every pizza I ordered from them :D. Gee, I'm hungry now hehehe

  7. Thanks ate Joy, Jonathan, Gracie, Balut and Sam. Sensya naman at tamad-tamaran kaya late ma-publish comments nyo at late din ang reply ko. Salamat ulit... :)


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