Laguna | Orient: The Original (and the Best) Buko Pie Bakeshop

@ the Orient: The Original Buko Pie Bakeshop in Los Baños, Laguna

I've known this buko pie brand since the late 90's. My former supervisor (from my first job) used to bring us buko pie from this bakeshop. He told us then that this is the best buko pie in Laguna. And I agree!  At least from the several brands I tried, this is the best so far.

Anyway, we were here last October 15, during our road trip to Rizal Shrine in Calamba. My friend, who is also familiar with this bakeshop, bought three boxes of pies (2 boxes of buko pie and a box of pineapple pie) and two packs of espasol (a tube-shaped rice cake with grated coconut and milk rolled in toasted rice flour) for his family. Me? I bought a box of buko pie and a pack of espasol, too. But before we could get our orders, we had to endure more than an hour, an hour and half I think, of waiting. A lot of people, mostly tourists (see the photo below), were queuing up to buy their famous buko pie. Most of them bought not just a box or two, but five boxes of buko pie, some even more. That's how famous this buko pie is. ;)

people queuing up for more than an hour just to buy buko pie
Orient: The Original Buko Pie Bakeshop
the famous buko pie of Laguna - 160 PhP/box

This is the slice of the famous buko pie, with lots of young coconut meat in it. It's still warm when I ate it, despite more than seven hours on the road. This buko pie is yummy and filling, and not too sweet, too. I love it together with a cup of ginger tea (that's what I have that night). And since I didn't buy pineapple pie, I asked my friend for a slice so I can try it also. I liked it too; it's sweeter than the buko pie, though.

The following week (as mentioned in my previous post, I went back to Laguna for some personal reasons), I went back to the Orient again. And just like before, there were lots of people there queuing up. Thanks for the owners though, they gave us some free taste of their products (tropical pie and cassava cake), making the waiting bearable somehow...hehe! ;) Anyway, because of this free taste, I changed my mind. Instead of buying buko pie and pineapple pie for take home, I bought tropical pie (150 PhP/box) - buko pie and pineapple pie in one. Yummmm!!!!

Pineapple Pie - 130 PhP/box

~ oo00oo ~

Orient - The Original Buko Pie Bakeshop
National Highway, Los Baños, Laguna
Date of Visit: October 15, 2013


  1. Nagutom ako dun ha. Gusto ko talaga ulet pumunta sa LAguna to try this and bumili ulet ng cake sa Mernels ba yun? I forgot.

  2. the buko pie looks delish. pretty sure it's worth the wait. :)

  3. @June: try their buko pie pag nagawi ka ng Laguna, yun nga lang, tyaga sa pila lalo na kung weekend o holiday...hehe.

    @Apple: masarap gurl, worth the wait indeed. :)

  4. May i have your number plsss
    Can i order tom 40box thank u


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