Bohol Food Trip | Dumaluan 1 vs Dumaluan 2

This is what made dining in Dumaluan 2 more expensive...har har! :P
Day 1

We were warned beforehand by our tour guide that food price in Dumaluan Beach Resort (Dumaluan 2) is very expensive; "dollar-priced" he said and suggested that we take our dinner in Dumaluan 1, a few meters away from Dumaluan 2. But since we arrived in Dumaluan late in the evening, we opted to stay in our resort and have our dinner in its restaurant. We were all tired for almost a day of traveling, going around and looking for other restaurant is not in our to-do-list at that time. Anyway, for our first night in Bohol, we have the following from Dumaluan 2's restaurant:

Dumaluan 2 | steamed lapu-lapu
Dumaluan 2 | chicken barbecue
Dumaluan 2 | white shrimp sinigang
Dumaluan 2 | mango juice
Dumaluan 2 Food Expenses - Dinner for 3:
Steamed Lapu-lapu - P340.00
Chicken Barbecue - P120.00
Sinigang (white shrimp) - P340.00
Steamed Rice (4 cups x P45) - P180.00
Mango Juice (2 orders x P100) - P200.00
Total Expenses - P1,180.00

Notice the price of steamed rice? It's 45 pesos per cup... "dollar-priced" indeed!

Except for the steamed lapu-lapu which is quite good, everything's so-so; the sinigang is salty, the shrimps are small; chicken is charred. Oh well, for a tired body and a hungry tummy nothing is unpalatable right? So yeah, dissatisfied as we may be, nothing's left afterwards (except for the salty soup, of course). :D

Day 2

Learning from our experience on our first night here in Bohol, we went to Dumaluan 1 for dinner on our second night. There are several eateries in Dumaluan 1 but having no idea which one is better, we go for DBR Grill. Here, you get to see and choose what you want and the staff will cook it for you. (Note: The price of food items in Dumaluan 1 are based on the weight of the food item you chose.) For that night, we chose and ordered the following:

Dumaluan 1 - White Marlin Sinigang
Dumaluan 1 - grilled squid
Dumaluan 1 - pork barbecue
DBR Grill, Dumaluan 1

Food Expenses - Dinner for 3:
Sinigang (white marlin) - P117.00
Grilled squid - P150.00
Pork Barbecue (3 sticks x P25) - P75.00
Steamed rice (4 cups x P15) - P60.00
Hot calamansi juice - P40.00
Mango juice - P50.00
Melon juice - P50.00
Total Expenses - P542.00

Though the food here in Dumaluan 1 is cheaper, we liked its taste more than what we have in Dumaluan 2; theirs is not really exceptional but it's definitely better than that of Dumaluan 2. Their sinigang is not salty, the fish and the squid are fresh, fruit juices are made of fresh fruits (same in Dumaluan 2). And if in Dumaluan 2, there was a live band performance; in Dumaluan 1, there was a blind man singing his heart out for us, for a voluntary donation that is. Not bad, right? ;)

~ oo00oo ~

Tip I posted in one of the social networking sites: Stay in Dumaluan 2, dine in Dumaluan 1; latter's food is better and definitely cheaper.


  1. Not all expensive are good as you experienced. Hays, naka miss ang food sa pinas:)

  2. LOL natawa ako ng husto sa D1 at D2 na yan ha. Kaasar lang kung alin ang mas pricey mas walang lasa? ha ha ha

    Tatandaan ko yang experience mo na yan ha ha ha

    1. haha, di naman alang lasa, nasobrahan nga sa lasa eh, naparami ata ang asin, at nasobrahan naman ng luto yun chicken. Actually, sinabi ko sa kanila na maalat yun sinigang, ang sagot nya lang - "ay ganon po ba". O di ba, ganda ng sagot. ;)

  3. Expensive nga pro sa kuha mo deserving nmn n mging mahal 300 plus isang buong araw n kainn n un!

    1. pictures lang yan, hehe! pero masarap naman actually yun steamed lapu-lapu, yun nga lang, yun lang ang masarap...hehe.

  4. expected ko naman na mahal pero in-expect ko rin masarap kase nga mahal, ang kase nde eh, mas masarap pa sinigang ko...hehe!

  5. Great feed for such price! Nagutom ako sa steamed lapu-lapu :(


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