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Bibimbap aka bibimbob at Mr. Kimbob
My friend and I were looking for something to eat at SM Food Court last weekend when we chanced upon this food counter with lots of customers queuing up. I got curious so I went near it and looked at the display. The food counter is Mr. Kimbob, a quick service Korean restaurant chain serving Korean dishes at an affordable price. I check out the orders of the other customers and noticed that most of them ordered a meal combo on a sizzling plate with rice and sunny side on top surrounded by colorful veggies, much like how Koreans prepare their foods (as I saw it on Koreanovelas). It made me more curious  so I stood in line and also ordered for it. My friend who's not as adventurous as me when it comes to food left and look for something else.

Anyway, the combo meal I'm referring to is bibimbap or bibimbob, as Mr. Kimbob called it. It is a Korean dish consisting of rice with fried egg (sunny side up) on top and various kinds of colorful veggies surrounding the rice (see photo above). The included veggies are carrots, bean sprout, watercress, cabbage, kimchi and another veggie (I think sayote). It also had ground beef (can be pork, chicken or beef) on the side. It was served with sesame oil and gochujang (Korean sauce) as  flavoring/seasoning.

After a few minutes, I got my order. I went to the dining table, pour in the sesame oil and gochujang and eagerly mixed it as instructed (see photo below). Afterwards, I tried a spoonful of the bibimbob (after taking photos, cf course...hehe). And then another one...and another. Before I noticed it, bibimbob was gone, all of it...hehe. Obviously, I like this Korean dish. I like its taste and  I like that it has lots of veggies in it. The mixture of sesame oil and gochujang made the dish very flavorful, made it a bit spicy w/ a tinge of sweetness. I'll surely have this again next time. I'll try their rice cakes, too. :)

mixed bibimbob
Japchae and Korean Dumpling
When I ordered bibimbop, I upgraded it to combo meal to have japchae (Korean noodles), Korean dumpling and 12oz softdrinks. For 49 PhP, the upgrade is worth the price. The noodles, though with only a few ingredients, taste good. Even the dumpling. My only disappointment was that it was served cold. It would have been better if it's still hot and crispy (the dumpling, that is).

Mr. Kimbob curious customers... ^_^

~ oo00oo ~ 

Mr. Kimbob Korean Health Food
SM Foodcourt, SM North EDSA
Quezon City


  1. kakagigil sa gutom haha... food trip tayo pls!

  2. I have never been fond of anything Korean, so I was kind of hesitant to try it as well. It was surprisingly good, no wonder queues of eager customers are long.

  3. Di pa rin ko nakatikim nyan. Hope ma try ko paguwi ko:)

  4. Quite delicious to look at...this made me hungry!

  5. @Gracie: food trip tayo pag-uwi mo...hehe.
    @Gene: You're right, it tasted good, affordable too. :)
    @Joy: Masarap ate Joy, try mo pag-uwi mo ulit. :)
    @Cutella: it's quite good, try it. :)

    Anyway, thank you all for visiting here. :)

  6. Natikman ko to sa may sm manila kala ko ndi masarap pero infairness msarap ito :)

  7. just the sight of it's photo, you can say it sooooo Yummy! it makes me droll..haha.. let me include this on my must try foodie.. :)

  8. @Kulapitot: o di ba, sulit ang pag-try. ako nga, babalikan ko pa eh...hehe. :)

    @Rhainnes: Try it gurl, masarap sya...pramis! ;)


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