Bulacan | A Historical Trip to Barasoain Church and Museum

Barasoain Church
Barasoain Church - Malolos, Bulacan

History is one of my not so favorite subjects. I don't like memorizing names and dates and places, I'm not good with them really ('til now actually, I can remember the face but I sometimes can't remember the name...hehe!). With the so many names and places and dates that we usually have to memorize in history subjects, I mixed them up! Nowadays, I am more curious and I appreciate more the historical sites and the people in our history (maybe because I am not forced to memorize a thing nowadays? hehe...).

Barasoain Church and Museum
Barasoain Church and Museum

Last month, I went to Malolos to visit Barasoain Church and Museum. (I am a certified tambay nowadays so I can only visit places that are near or within the Metro; need to be frugal, you know!). :P It was past 3PM when I got there and just like my Batangas Sublian Festival trip, I did it solo. It's a week-day then so the church is closed. I went inside the museum, found some other tourists and joined them in the tour, with the museum staff accompanying us also. Most of the things displayed inside the Barasoain Museum are photos and artifacts of constitutional convention and war (usually happened in Bulacan province).

Historical Significance

Barasoain Church was the seat of the Revolutionary Government of the Philippines. It is where the the Malolos Congress (with 193 delegates headed by Don Pedro A. Paterno as the elected president) convened on September 15, 1898. It is also where the Malolos Constitution was drafted (by Don Filipe Calderon) and later on approved (after heated discussion and debate) by the Malolos Congress (January 20, 1899). And on the 23 of the same month (January 23, 1899), the Philippine Republic was born and inaugurated with General Emilio Aguinaldo taking his oath of office as President of the First Philippine Republic. On August 1, 1973, then President Ferdinand Marcos signed a decree declaring Barasoain Church as a national landmark. (source: National Historical Commission of the Philippines)

Another Philippine president, former President (now Manila MayorJoseph Ejercito Estrada also took his oath of office in Barasoain Church on June 30, 1998. Interestingly, both presidents were not able to finish their term of office as president of the Republic of the Philippines. General Aguinaldo's term ended when he was captured by the American forces during the Filipino-American war. President Estrada on the other hand, was ousted in 2001 because of the EDSA People Power II Revolution.

Barasoain Museum

Because of dim lighting inside the museum and since I was only using a phone camera, I wasn't able to get many decent photos. Most of my photos are either blurry or grainy. Anyway, here are some which are somewhat presentable: :P

Aguinaldo's carriage, displayed at the entrance of the museum

Malolos Convention
Don Felipe Calderon - Father of Malolos Constitution

Earnest Call from our Heroes (printed/displayed inside Barasoain Museum):

"Ang unang dapat hilingin sa Pilipino ng ating henerasyon ay hindi maging isang magaling na taong pampanitikan kundi maging isang mabuting tao, maging isang mabuting mamamayan na tutulong na paunlarin ang kanyang bayan gamit ang kanyang utak, ang kanyang puso, at ang kanyang bisig." (The principal thing that should be demanded from a Filipino of our generation is not to be a literary man but to be a good man, a good citizen who would help his country, with his head, his heart, and if need be, with his arms.) - Jose Rizal

"Pagpunyagian mo ang kalayaan ng iyong bayan: sapagkat ikaw lamang ang maaaring magkaroon ng tunay na loob para sa kanyang ikasusulong at ikaaangat, sapagkat ang kanyang kalayaan ay siya ring magbibigay ng iyong kalayaan; at ang kanyang pag-angat, ng iyong kaluwalhatian at kawalang-kamatayan." (Thou shalt strive for the independence of thy country: for only tho canst have any real interest in her advancement and exaltation, because her independence constitutes thy own liberty; her advancement, thy perfection; and her exaltation, thy own glory and immortality.)  - Apolinario Mabini

Heritage of Constitutional Republic - from left to right: Apolinario Mabini's proposed draft constitution,
The Malolos Constitution (1899) , 1935 Constitution, 1972 Constitution, 1987 Constitution 

How did I get to Barasoain Church and Museum

Malolos is less than an hour away from Quezon City (Cubao/Kamuning area). From EDSA, I took Baliwag Transit bus going to Hagonoy/Malolos (53PhP bus (aircon) fare as of travel date), alighted at Malolos crossing, and then took a tricycle (40PhP, special trip) to Barasoain Church. Going back (to Manila), I took a jeepney (with signboard Capitol) for only 8PhP. So if you're going there, better get off at the Provincial Capitol just after Malolos crossing/flyover. From there, take a jeepney to Barasoain (with signboard Poblacion/Malolos) for a cheaper fare. :) 

~ oo00oo ~

PS: Before I left Barasoain Church that day, at around 4PM, the church opened its door for the 6PM mass so I was able to pay some respect and see it's interior. Unfortunately, with only a few lights turned on, my church photos where all blurry and grainy so I won't be able to post photos of the church's interior here, maybe next time. ;)

Barasoain Church and Museum
Malolos, Bulacan
Museum Schedule: Tuesday - Sunday
8:00AM - 4:00PM
Entrance Fee: Free
Date of Visit: August 7, 2013

Happy birthday Mama Mary, blessed Sunday everyone!


  1. Nice to know this place. Puede ko mapuntahan pag nasa Pinas ako since nasa Valenzuela nakatira 2 ko anak:)

  2. A famous church na di ko p napuntahan :) wag kng mag aalala marami tayong makakalimutin di ka nag iisa

  3. My only knowledge about this church was that it used to be on the back of the ten peso paper bill. HAHAHA

  4. nagbago ka pala ng templates, nice color

  5. i'm near bulacan but i haven't visited barasoain. :( it's indeed historical. must visit.

  6. nakapnta napoh kuh ngayun....
    pero parang lumubog poh ang simbahan nayan

  7. Thank you for sharing your experience for those planning to visit Barasoain Church like me. Informative post!


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