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BDO Nomura
BDO Nomura

I've been using BDO Nomura for several years now, since the start of my stock investment/trading journey. I even wrote how easy it is to apply for BDO Nomura account back in 2017. For the past 3 years, I tried to learn the ins and outs of stock investing and trading. At some point, although I have an 8-5 work before I got retrenched, I tried to do some daily trading. And in those trades, I win some, I lose many. I attributed all of my loses to my being a newbie in the stock market. And it's true! But after 3 years of being in the stock market, I realized it's not just me that is the problem.

In the past, there are trades that I know for a fact is so volatile and could really be a winning or losing trade real quick. But I still joined the herd; bought some and planned to exit just after I got my TP (target price), which I know would only take just a few minutes. I set a GTC (good 'til cancelled) sell on my target price. I also planned my exit, in case it goes against my predicted price. And it happened, it goes downward real quick! I'm logged in so I tried to edit my GTC and set a sell price 2-ticks below the current selling price to make sure that I could sell it at a minimal loss. The platform says my modification was successful so I continue watching while the current price was being consumed. When the selling price hits the price I set, I thought I successfully exited the trade. Unfortunately, it was just a thought! When I checked the View Orders tab to see the status, it's not there. I tried to refresh and check several times but I couldn't really see my sell order. I logged out of the platform and tried logging back in but I couldn't anymore. And that's it, I resigned to the fact that I probably wasn't able to sell my position since I couldn't see it.  Only after the trading hours was I able to log back in again. And it's confirmed, I wasn't able to sell my position.

BDO Nomura platform homepage
this is supposedly BDO Nomura's trading platform homepage; yes I was able to login but I couldn't connect to the trading platform itself; this happened so many times I already lost count of it.

I only bought minimal position so I didn't lose that much for the particular trade but this scenario happened several times that in total, a loss of considerable amount. There are other scenarios like not seeing my positions or non-loading of trading platform (see photo above) or not being able to login during trading hours (platform is under maintainance) so I couldn't trade. In part, not being able to log in and trade volatile stocks were okay; at least I didn't lose money but it also means I didn't have the chance to gain some too, a lost opportunity.

BDO Nomura trading platform
sometimes, I was able to connect to the trading platform only for the above instance to happen; i.e., I couldn't select a sector for which the stock I'm supposed to trade belongs

I'm not attributing every loses I had with BDO Nomura. I know I made some bad trades, too, but a reliable trading platform is essential in trading the stock market. The trading platform should always be available, especially during trading hours. It shouldn't undergo system maintenance from 9:30AM to 3PM during trading days (9:30AM to 1PM during this pandemic). I worked in the IT industry and our system maintenance was always during non-peak hours, normally during midnight when there are only a few people (if there is any) using our system or, if we really need to deploy some hotfix, to make sure to do it in just a few minutes.

Nowadays, I only use BDO Nomura for medium to long term trades. I don't do daily trading especially those highly volatile trades anymore. If you're planning to be a trader, and by trader, I mean those who want to do buying and selling stocks in just a short period of time, within the day normally, don't go with Nomura. Try other brokers. But search and research thoroughly. Ask people from trading forums and social media who are actually using the platform; list down the pros and cons of the recommended platform/broker, ask for their experiences and how reliable the platform is, and then decide from there.

But if you're a medium to long term investor, you can still try BDO Nomura. It's easy to apply, especially if you have a BDO account; no additional paper requirements. You can do everything online. The funding is also easy and real time, with no transfer fee so yeah, it's not 100% bad at all. Just make sure to know what type of investor/trader you are.

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PS: I'm also trying another investment vehicle which is unit investment trust fund (UITF) but I'm using BPI for this one (and GCASH Invest Money too) ; will talk about UITF next time. Blessed Sunday everyone, stay safe always! šŸ˜Š

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