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If you have read one of my previous posts, you know that I recently lost my job. It is such a big blow financially that staying in the Metro and continue renting while looking for a new job is not an option anymore. A week ago, I decided to go back to the province and stay here for a while, at least until I get a new job.

Life in the province, especially in kinda remote barangay like ours, is very simple and laid-back. Community comes to life early in the morning, normally around 5AM (as early as 4AM for some); and then starts to die down at 6PM. By 7PM, almost everyone is ready for sleep; a stark contrast with life in the Metro where it almost never sleeps.

Pros and Cons of Living in the Province

Batangas is one of the provinces in CALABARZON region. It is only around 1.5-2 hours (depending on traffic situation) away from Metro Manila, going south. It is near Metro Manila but living here in the province, especially in kinda remote barangays like ours, is like living in other provinces; it has its pros and cons.


Green and Fresh Environment

Less pollution, fresher air, greeneries abound! The only usual pollution here is noise pollution; that is, if you consider dogs’ barking, birds’ chirping and insect sounds as noise. That’s the environment you’ll see and experience in the province. It is usually not densely populated, too, so residential lot areas are usually bigger than in the Metro, with enough space to plant veggies and fruit-bearing trees. If you love nature, you’ll definitely enjoy living in the province.

free fresh fruits and veggies! #probinsyalife

Low Cost of Living

Cost of living in the provinces is usually low. If you are resourceful and hardworking and love veggies, you can live here for around 40-50 pesos per day per person on the average, maybe less; that is, if you have your own vegetable garden. Here in the province, we have malunggay (moringa), camote (sweet potato), eggplant, squash, papaya and other vegetables around the house. We cook it bulanglang-style, using traditional stove, so almost zero cost. Fish and meats are also cheaper here, compared to supermarkets in Metro Manila.

Laid-back Lifestyle

Simple, relaxing, laid-back; this is how living in the province looks and feels like. Closely-knit neighborhood (you know everyone, usually). No Traffic! No such thing as rush hour. Almost everything is easy and uncomplicated! That is, if you love simple life.


Accessibility, Transportation

One of the cons of living in the province, especially in remote barangays, is the means of transportation and accessibility of social services and infrastructure. If you don’t have your own car, commuting is quite costly and time-consuming. Social services and infrastructures like hospitals, tertiary education, connectivity (telephones and internet) are usually not very accessible. Although mobile phones and cellular networks are available almost nationwide, connection signal is still a problem in far-flung areas. Though I’m quite happy that DSL connection from one of the major internet providers in our country is now available here in our barangay. Yey! 😄

No Night Life

If you’re one of those who loves the lights and sounds of a busy Metro life, regardless of the time of day, province life is not for you. There is almost always, no night life in the province, especially in remote barangays. As I mentioned above, people in neighborhood like ours, sleeps as early as 7PM. No more life, no more sounds after that, except for sound of geckos. 😉

Limited Career Opportunities

Most of the big companies put up their businesses and hold their operations in Metro Manila and big cities as they are usually the center of economic development and infrastructure. As such, there is only limited opportunities, career-wise, in the province. However, due to the on-going pandemic, there are more remote opportunities for career individuals nowadays. Career people, especially in the IT industry, can now work anywhere they want to, even in the province.

There you go, the pros and cons of living life in the province. If you are thinking of settling down in the province, weigh these pros and cons and decide wisely based on your personality and the kind of life you want to live. There's no such thing as perfect life, just choose to be happy and contented and grateful wherever you decided you want to be.

~ oo00oo ~

Happy and blessed Sunday everyone! Stay safe, always! 😊

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