The Red Crab Alimango House: Crabby Nights Buffet

Thai Chili Crab
It's no secret here that I love seafoods. And of all the seafoods out there, crabs and prawns are the ones I love the most. So don't even try asking me out to dinner in a restaurant with crabs/prawns in their specialty, I would definitely say yes! *wink* 

Last Friday, me and my office friends decided to eat out in one of the seafood restaurants under the umbrella of Red Crab Group of Restaurants - The Red Crab Alimango House located on the second floor of Greenbelt 3 Ayala Center. It's been a while since we're planning to dine here but it's only last Friday that it happened. We left the office at past 6PM and walk our way to Greenbelt 3 instead of taking our officemates' offer of a free ride (we were starving ourselves for the buffet dinner ahead eh...hehe!).

We reached the restaurant at around 7PM, inquired about the available buffet dinner and chose the table to settle ourselves. Immediately after, we headed for the buffet table to pick our foods.  There are several buffet dinner package available at The Red Crab, depending on the day of your visit. For Friday and Saturday nights, they have this Crabby Nights Buffet, which means more crab dishes on the buffet table. Three different crab dishes are already available that night (one is steamed, I forgot to ask the other two) on the buffet table but you could also pick a live crab and choose from the arrays of cooking styles for your crab. Each of us chose a different style so we could compare notes. One of my friends chose Thai Chili Crab, the other one Butter Ginger Crab and for myself, Crab Maritess, the restaurants specialty crab dish.

Of the three crab dishes that we chose, I only tasted Thai Chili Crab and of course, Crab Maritess, they are both spicy though the Thai Chili Crab is more spicy and its sauce thicker than Crab Maritess. I love spicy dishes so of course, I like them both. But if you're not into spicy dishes, try Crab Maritess, it is less spicy and it is cooked in olive oil so its definitely lighter on your tummy.

Here's what they have for Crabby Nights Buffet; some trays were almost empty because I took these photos after we ate and it's already past 9PM, the buffet period was almost done. ;)

salad bar - with salad ingredients...
...and salad dressings, love the honey mustard (yellowish one)
seafood bar, unfortunately we haven't tried this :(
barbecue bar, didn't try these ones too, went here for crabs eh...hehe
one of the readily available crab dishes...
steamed crabs...
another readily available crab dish, it looked like Crab Maritess but they use butter instead of olive oil, if am not mistaken
Crab Maritess, my number 1 choice... :D
my salad and maki platter...
my first plate... ;)
my desserts! still tried them even though I'm full :)

All in all, I enjoyed this buffet dinner; it's quite expensive, PhP888 per person, exclusive of 10% service charge and drinks but for me, it's worth it. The foods are great, the crews are all smile (and they allow me to take pictures of the foods); definitely, I'm coming back!  

~ oo00oo ~

Buffet dinner available exclusively for the month of August:
(Update: went here again last Friday, Oct. 19, 2012 and these buffet packages are still available, the crew didn't know until when these packages shall be offered.)

* Spectacular Lunch Buffet, every Wednesday - PhP398+
* Seafood Market Lunch Buffet, all week except Wednesday - PhP588+
* Barbecue Nights, Sunday/Monday/Tuesday - PhP688+
* Grilled Seafood Nights, Wednesday/Thursday - PhP788+
* Crabby Nights, Friday/Saturday - PhP888+

The Red Crab Alimango House
2/F Greenbelt 3 Ayala Center
Makati City
Tel. No.: 757-4129/757-4716
~ oo00oo ~

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  1. Wow, i love prawns and crabs din! Sayang naman, andami mo hindi natikman, at parang ang konti ng kinain mo?

  2. nakakamiss tuloy ang crabs.. at ang prawns hmm sarap magkamay habang hinihimay tas may sawsawan at kanin

  3. sinabi mo gurl, sarap talaga magkamay! ;)

  4. Sarap naman... kailan mo ko ililibre dyan sa Red Crab? Paborito ko rin kasi yan eh hahaha

  5. Hehe, ikaw kaya ang rich kaya ikaw dapat manlibre. ;)

  6. di ko talaga ni-try yun iba gurl, nag-concentrate kase ako sa crabs eh...hehe. pero kumain din naman ako ng chicken and pork spareribs nila, sweet & sour style, masarap din sya. :)


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