Malaysia | 272 Steps to Batu Caves Temple

140-ft Lord Muruga statue in Batu Caves
After our KL city tour, we asked our driver/guide to drop us off at our hotel so we could freshen up a bit before our next adventure - the Batu Caves. In this adventure, we're on our own, no driver/guide to help us and bring us there. So before we left the hotel, we check out some flyers and ask the receptionist for directions going to Batu Caves.

From our hotel, there are several ways to go to Batu Caves - we can take a taxi going there, take the KL Monorail and KTM Komuter, or simply avail ourselves of a Batu Caves tour from tour operators in the hotel, which of course is more expensive. In the end, we opted for a taxi ride since we thought we could save time by taking a taxi rather than spending time looking for and transferring from KL Monorail to KTM Komuter Train; anyway we are four in the group and the comfort of just sitting inside a taxi cab without worrying about directions could compensate for the higher fare. (in short: maarte lang...hehe!)

Batu Caves is a fascinating Hindu cave temple located in a limestone hill 13 kilometers north of Kuala Lumpur. It consists of 3 big caves, with the main cave as the location of the Hindu shrines. At the foot of the hill rises the 140-ft Lord Muruga statue, the tallest statue of Hindu deity in Malaysia. Batu Caves is one of the most popular Hindu shrines outside of India and is being flocked by international crowds during Thaipusam, an annual festival that pays tribute to the Hindu deity Lord Muruga. (source: KL tourism flyers)

The main highlight of the visit to Batu Caves is the climbing of the 272 steps to the main cave where the Hindu shrines are located; such a feat to conquer for someone like me who's afraid of heights and who's not much into physical activities. But of course, I won't just give up without trying. I climbed and I succeeded, I reached the top; I was able to see the inside of the famous Batu Caves. ;)

Batu Caves entrance
inside the main cave of Batu Caves
Batu Caves' limestone ceiling
one of the Hindu temples inside Batu Caves
an opening that provides lighting inside the cave
Batu Caves grounds
KL view from the top of Batu Caves
another temple in Batu Caves
one of the many pigeons in Batu Caves posed for TPW, cool right? hehe...
TPW and GB playing with pigeons in Batu Caves :)

Add-on (found these photos so I decided to update this post).

There are several food stalls and restaurants in Batu Caves, however, my friends didn't see anything that looks appetizing so we starved ourselves didn't buy food, good thing one of my friends is a girl scout, she's got biscuits so we settle on it (kurips?!? hehe...). There are also several souvenir shops but I didn't buy any from them since I know we're going to Chinatown the next day.

food stall...
street foods...
more street foods... ;)

I haven't seen people doing religious activities inside though I've seen monks, don't know if Hindus, walking the grounds of Batu Caves. If you're into temples or you're curious about religious structures other than your own, Batu Caves is a place to visit in KL. Up next: The Towering Towers of Kuala Lumpur.

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Date of Visit: May 9, 2012
Entrance: FREE
Expenses: RM7.50 (taxi fare to Batu Caves, RM30/4), RM2 (KTM train fare), RM1.30 (LRT fare), RM4.20 (drinks)


  1. Very nice tour indeed. I enjoy looking at your pictures:)

  2. para akong nakapunta mismo sa pagkakawento mo hehehe. ang saya sigurong magtravel...

  3. Namangha ako dun sa caves!! Kung ganyan naman at maliwanag ang lahat ng caves, e hindi na ko matakot! Good job sa pag-akyat ng 272 steps!

  4. Sarap naman gumala dyan.. kelan kaya?

  5. impressive-at gusto ko yan free and entrance.hehhe

  6. Naku hihingalin yata ako sa pagakyat! Gusto ko din makipaglaro sa mga pigeons!

  7. AWESOME! simply WOW...

    by the way, can you please check THIS out?

  8. sis, i have something for you in my blog, if you have a chance please check it.Thanks

  9. very interesting talaga yung cave:) Iluv ur shots-ganda ng kulay at timpla. keep it up Tal
    kulet ng ibon jejeje

  10. ang ganda... gusto ko ring pumunta dito


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