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Born in Pangasinan, raised in Batangas and Mindoro, a nomad here in the Metro - that's Talinggaw, the blogger behind The Pinay Wanderer blog. She  loves to read and her favorites are those of Michael Crichton, Stephen Coonts, Dale Brown and Dan Brown. She studied Math, worked in the government sector for years (which gave her the opportunity to travel the Philippines, back when traveling is not yet a fad) but now a part of the software industry sector as a Software Engineer. She loves to travel but only as often/as far as her resources allow her. She lives alone but she is yet to try her first solo travel adventure. When or how soon still remains to be a big question for her but, she hopes to realize it in her lifetime. She's not in a hurry, anyway. ;)

More about Talinggaw? Follow her adventures and misadventures here on the The Pinay Wanderer. ^_^

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For comments/suggestions/violent reactions or if you want your ads placed on this blog, you may contact Talinggaw through thepinaywanderer [at] gmail [dot] com. You may also leave a message through the comment section of her blog posts and she'll try to get back to you as soon as she can. For more recent updates, you may want to follow her on Instagram and Twitter and like her Facebook page, too. Thank you! ^_^


The Pinay Wanderer is Talinggaw's personal blog, with entries mainly about her travel and food adventures (and misadventures) here in the Philippines and, in some occasions, beyond. From time to time, this blog will also have random entries which are based on Talinggaw's life experiences. There may be times when this blog may feature guest/sponsored posts (properly labeled as such) but this shall remain to be a personal blog; an online account of Talinggaw's personal experiences and her views and opinions in life and about the places she visited during her travels and escapades.


Unless otherwise stated/tagged, all the articles and photos in this blog are solely owned by Talinggaw/The Pinay Wanderer and thus, should not be copied or reproduced in any way without written permission.