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Tagaytay has been our in-between stop whenever going home to Batangas. Traveling home is longer via this route especially considering the traffic and distance but it has lots of dining places to choose from so I normally urged BFF to use this route. In one of these trips home, I noticed Viewsite billboard and decided to try the restaurant for a new experience.

Viewsite Restaurant Tagaytay

Viewsite Restaurant used to be located along Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway facing the Taal Lake and Volcano, hence, its name. Now, they are located on the other side of the highway with no view at all. ;) I haven't been to this restaurant before so I don't know how it looks like back then but I suppose their transfer is for the better, considering the open area parking that can accommodate a number of vehicles and the spacious dining area in the new location.

spacious dining area with high ceiling, good for events

Coming in, you'll be greeted by an all-smile staff that will help you get a seat. The place is quite huge with lots of tables so we got seated at once and placed our orders immediately. For our lunch, we ordered bulalo, crispy tawilis, sizzling squid and kinilaw na tanigue; melon juice for our drink. We were served with our food 15 minutes later, the usual waiting time in restaurants.

grilled stuffed squid: tender and tasty but pricey (300++ Php, if i remembered it right) for its size

kinilaw na tanigue (350 Php): small portion, not enough even for the nephew
crispy tawilis (200 Php): very crispy, you can eat the whole fish

bulalo (550 Php): tender meat, lots of veggies with flavorful soup

We were all hungry but I still managed to get some photos before we dig in. I tried their bulalo first because of the soup and I would say, good but not extraordinary. I now prefer Josephine's bulalo ever since I tried it. I used to like Rose and Grace's bulalo but had a change of heart since I've tasted Josepehine's. Overall, the foods were okay and the experience was good except for a not so clean restroom. We spent almost 2000 Php here including drinks, quite pricey for a 3-person meal on a budget. :P

  • Ample parking area
  • Road trip-friendly (along the highway) 
  • Spacious (good for large events) and clean dining area with high ceiling
  • All-smile accommodating service staff

  • Credit card not accepted (heard from a customer inquiry)
  • Comfort room is not clean with wet dirty flooring :(
  • Small serving given its price

Viewsite Restaurant
Tagytay-Nasugbu Road, Tagaytay City 
(right side along the highway going to Nasugbu)
Date of Visit: May 2018
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    1. I was reviving my blogs and reconnecting with fellow bloggers but almost everyone on my list have not updated their blogs in years. So when I found yours and saw that you have a post, I was elated. Then I checked your archive, 2017 3 posts, 2018 1 post. Haha. We got busy huh? Life happened. Anyway, glad to be here. Love the post but I don't eat fish so yung bulalo lang saken. Hehe

      1. Hehe! Yep, noticed that, too. I'm still connected with some of them in other social media platforms and yeah, they're busy in the real world. Some of them have families now so that's probably the reason why they shifted their focus. Anyway, welcome back to blogging. See you around. :)

      2. btw, try crispy tawilis when you happen to pass by Tagaytay, they're really good. :)

      3. Oo nga. Haha. I started a business last 2014, good thing it prospered a bit kasi my mom had a stroke in 2016 (my dad had his in 2013, family disease), so i was left to support the family. Kaya yun, i left blogging altogether. Medyo nakakarecover na altho tlgang my parents need yaya na tlga but therapy and everything is being tried for a possibility to lead a more normal life. I thought i could have extra income sa blogging pero parang it's not like what it used to.

        Parang nadaanan namin yan in tagaytay, im not sure. Basta we ate bulalo and there are roaming entertainers? Kasi my sister (from another mother) was married last October 2018 in Caleruega. We were in tagaytay for 3days, sa villa nonita. On the trip back me kinainan kami na sobrang dami tao. Baka yun yun? Haha. Anyway, naka wordpress ka no? Your template hae adaptive mobile template. Ung blogger ko, minano mano ko. I cant shift to another template kasi nanghinayang ako sa effort ko building the web design. Haha. Haba ng comment ko.

      4. Aww, sorry to hear that. My parents have hypertension too; my father had a stroke last year din but he's okay now; hopefully, magtuloy-tuloy maayos na health nila. Sana tuloy-tuloy na din recovery ng parents mo.

        Blogging is not as popular as it was 4/5 years ago, I'm maintaining this site kase free naman hosting at mura lang domain name. If you want additional income and feel mo mag-vlog, try mo sya. I heard malaki daw income dun, yun nga lang need mo ulit build ng network.

        Anyway, blogger din ang platform ko, free lang yun template pero I customized it somehow din. Blogger din naman platform mo so pwede mo enable lang yun mobile version. Then apply ka adsense, once approved, pwede ka add ng ads sa mobile at web version. cents lang sya pero if active ka, it can sustain your domain name and some change, hehe. good luck!


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