Pangasinan | Bolinao DIY Tour: Patar Beach Resort/Bolinao Rock Formations

Patar Beach - Bolinao, Pangasinan

It's past summer time and this post is long overdue but nonetheless, here it is - a continuation and the last part of our day tour in Bolinao.

Bolinao is a popular summer destination up north and prided itself with its pristine beaches. Beach resorts abound in this town; many are pricey but there are some public resorts, too. One of these public resorts is Patar Beach.

Patar beach is situated on the west coast facing the West Philippine Sea. It boasts of a long stretch of  creamy white fine sand and expansive beach front. It is a public beach with no entrance fee so expect to see a lot of crowds here, especially during summer. By the way, since Patar Beach faces an open sea, the beach looks kind of rough even during summer. I find it not safe for young children, probably even for non-swimmer adults, so make sure you watch out for your kids/each other at all times.

Sand's kind of beige but really fine, you can walk around barefoot.
Play, get drunk, chit-chat with your family and friends - some of the things you can do in Patar Beach

my newphews, with the crowd!
I'm somehow  afraid for my nephews' safety but I let them enjoy the waves and the sand for a few minutes, of course,
with my older nephew holding both the kiddos at all times and me kind of nagging him to never let go of them even for a few seconds
the not so friendly waves of Patar Beach :P
play volleyball, if you're tired of swimming

Bolinao Rock Formations in Photos

Our tricycle tour guide brought us in this resort, with 'rock formations' something in its name. Is this the real thing? Am not sure, all I remember is that I paid 50 Php per person as entrance fee here, including the kiddos. No kids discounts! A rip-off, I must say. I saw almost the same formations in the far stretch of Patar Beach.  Anyway, didn't take much photos in here, can't look/walk around because of the little kiddos.

my travel buddies!
lion king!

How to get to Bolinao/Patar Beach

  • From Pasay/Cubao: Go to Five Star Bus Liner terminal in Malibay (Pasay) or Victory Liner (Cubao-EDSA) and take Bolinao-bound bus; get off at Bolinao bus terminal; fare is around 500 Php for aircon buses, one way; travel time is around 6-7 hours.
  • In Bolinao, take a tricycle going to Patar Beach, fare is around 150 Php, one way. 

  • In our case however,  we get off at Church of Saint James since we came from Bani (via a jeepney). On the side street across the church are tricycles offering Bolinao tour; cost is 600 Php, round trip; tour takes around 3-4 hours, depending on how long you stay in each of the tour destinations.

~ oo00oo ~

Patar Beach is part of a DIY tour my nephews and I made last 2015, while on vacation at my mother's hometown Bani. Just like my Ilocos Norte adventure, it was also via a tricycle. Bolinao DIY tricycle tour costs 600 Php covering four of Bolinao's tourist destinations - Bolinao Lighthouse, Enchanted Cave, Rock Formations and this beach.

Patar Beach
Patar, Bolinao, Pangasinan
Entrance Fee: None
Shower Fee: 10 Php
Date of Visit: May 3, 2015

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