Food Trips | 5 Healthy Grabs at Salad Stop!

tuna san salad - 350 Php

Looking for something healthy and filling at the same time? Check out Salad Stop!

Salad Stop! is an Asian food chain, with operations in Singapore, Manila, Jakarta and Tokyo, serving its customers with best tasting yet healthy and nutritious foods. Oh, by the way, this isn't a sponsored post peeps. I just love their salads and wraps. And I wish they have a branch here in QC, somewhere near North EDSA (SM or Trinoma) or Technohub. Hopefully soon, Salad Stop!? ^_^

Anyway, I first noticed SaladStop! in my current work as one of my bosses usually bought his lunch from Salad Stop!. I got curious and check it out, too, one dinner time. My first try -- Tuna San salad (photo above), sans avocado at that time (they replaced it with grapes, btw). It costs 350 Php, 340 Php for the wrap version. Quite expensive for a salad (or wrap), right? But it's worth it peeps! Lettuce, grapes and cherry tomatoes are all crisp and fresh, even the seared tuna, to think it's a to-go meal. And it's really filling! Salad Stop! menu (Pinoy version) says it provides 550 calories (for salad,  697 calories for wrap), more than enough for a one meal calorie requirements.

By the way, I didn't use the dressing (wasabi honey soy) that usually goes with this salad but instead requested for balsamic soy vinaigrette. And I liked it! I've ordered this tuna san salad several times already and I still haven't tried wasabi honey soy dressing so I can't say which is better, maybe next time. :)

tuna san wrap - 340 Php
 also tried the wrap version and it's okay but I like the salad version more,
probably because it (wrap) has less dressing which kinda make it bland

I also tried Oh Crab Lah! and oh la la, this one's so filling I can't finish it in one meal. Oh Crab Lah! has the usual romaine lettuce together with cherry tomatoes, grated eggs, crab sticks, vermicelli noodles, onions and croutons. It is served with Singapore chili crab dressing and contains 833 calories (wrap). No wonder I wasn't able to finish it in one sitting. I usually ordered the wrap version during dinner time, have it sliced into half, eat the first half for dinner and the other half for breakfast. Not too expensive for two (2) meals, right? Sulit! ^_^

oh crab lah wrap - 250 Php
very tasty and flavorful, oh crab lah! is love! ^_^

Niçoise salad composed of romaine lettuce, tuna flakes, egg, potatoes, French beans, cherry tomatoes and black olives, as usual in my fave dressing, balsamic soy vinaigrette. This one's another filling and tasty salad from Salad Stop!, packed with 627 calories. Heavy! ;)

Niçoise Salad - 300 Php

Updated (8/28/2016):

Big Bird is the latest addition to the salads that I've tried from Salad Stop! It is a fruit-based (avocado, green apple and grapes) salad with romaine lettuce, crunchy celery and roast turkey tossed in a creamy ranch dressing. This one's very light compared with oh crab lah but it will still satisfy your tummy. It did mine. And considering it has avocado, it's automatically added in my fave's list. Big bird costs 350 Php for the salad, 340 Php for the wrap.

Big Bird Salad - 350 Php

For a sweet and still healthy treat, strawberry banana muesli is a good try. It consists of milk, honey, greek yogurt, rolled oats, granola, strawberry puree, chia seeds, banana, raisins and dried fruit (apricot and cranberries). I had it for a late breakfast one time and I instantly like it. The greek yogurt is not as as rich and creamy as the usual greek yogurt but it's just fine with me, I'm not into rich and heavy yogurt anyway.

Strawberry Banana Muesli - 150 Php

~oo00oo ~

Salad Stop! has a lot more of signature and classic salads to offer; they even have create-your-own-salad wherein you get to choose which ingredients to go with your salad. So what are you waiting for? Go get out, look for the Salad Stop! near you, and try their salad offers. I highly recommend Oh Crab Lah for your first try. It's flavorful, it's filling and it can satisfy two people already; both will feel full afterwards. A warning, though! This one's a bit spicy. :)

~ oo00oo ~

Salad Stop!
Palanca Street
(near corner Dela Rosa)
Makati City


  1. Welcome back tal! I love this post, very informative.. I lift now and diet is very important, this one's one of the list i should eat, i know that this one's ver very healthy. Kaya lang ang layo makati! hahaha

    1. hi Steve, thanks for the welcome :) meron salad stop somewhere in bgc kung gusto mo mag try, medyo mahal pero sulit naman, fresh talaga ingredients at siempre masarap.

  2. nakakagutom naman...dapat may coke pa..

  3. Ala! These look so good! :D I'm a big fan of greens! I wouldn't mind if its above my budget. It is healthy living! :D

    Love from Myxilog

    1. hello Lady Myx, it's above the usual budget of working Pinoys but I think it's okay to occasionally splurge on food, sort of self-reward. ;) anyway, thanks for visiting here. :)

  4. Love salads! The one with crab is enticing me right now.

    1. check out the nearest saladstop! in your place, oh crab lah is love really, you'll like it. anyway, thanks for visiting here Karen :)

    2. oops, thought you're here in PH. maybe you can check out saladstop! website, oh crab lah's ingredients are posted in their website, in case you want to try. :)

  5. This is a nice blog. Healthy Muesli is the best breakfast for good health.


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