Manila | Paco Park and Cemetery: A First Time Visit

St. Pancratius Chapel, Paco Park and Cemetery
St. Pancratius Chapel, Paco Park and Cemetery

For several years, I lived in Manila, mostly in Paco and Sta. Ana area. But in those years, I've never been to Paco Park. I've passed by it several times but never had the chance to actually enter and explore this park. One fine Sunday of August, I decided to attend mass at Paco Park and explore the place afterwards.

I chose the 11:00AM mass but miscalculated the travel time, I was late for about 10-15 minutes. It's a little awkward going in late on this chapel. It is small, around 100-120 seating capacity; could fit in around 150 but it makes the chapel very crowded. The chapel was full during that time I was just able to squeeze in myself at the entrance. Attending mass at this chapel is very solemn, no wonder this chapel has become a favorite for weddings here in Metro.

After the mass, I went around the park with the scorching heat of the sun as my company. I know our national hero was once interred here but I didn't see where the exact location is. I thought the marker on the right side of the park going in  was the one so I didn't look anymore; I didn't even go near it since it's in the middle of the grounds (though I haven't seen any 'keep off the grass' sign).

Paco Park was originally designed as a municipal cemetery for the affluent and aristocratic families during the Spanish era. During the Second World War however, it was used by the Japanese as the central supply and ammunition depot. Nowadays, it serves as a public park and promenade where some performances are being held. It has also become a favorite venue for weddings and other events because of its garden-like settings.

Just like any other park, there were people walking around, teenagers chatting, some others just sitting on the bench resting and probably, watching people around them. There were some others doing some sort of a meeting. There were also some who are just looking around and taking photos. I saw a couple at the top of the wall of niches  so I looked for the stairs to get onto it, too.

Paco Park is a nice place to pass the time; a nice place for photo enthusiasts, too. And that's just what I did, took some photos. :P Here are some of my photos from Paco Park:

the park's grounds, at this center is supposed to be the park's fountain, not operational during my visit
St. Pancratius Chapel - a dome-shaped chapel dedicated to St. Pancratius,
a converted Christian and martyr beheaded for his faith at the age of 14 years old.
the chapel, from another angle
walkway along the outer wall lined-up with trees, gives a refreshing feel while walking around
well-kept landscape within the inner circle of the park, a scenic view, if not for the skyscrapers at the back
the chapel, from atop the inner wall/wall of niches
wall of niches - the inner circular wall of Paco Park, made hollow to serve as niches,
atop it is a walkway where one can climb and have a higher vantage view of the whole park
burial grounds of the three martyred priests - GOMBURZA
inner wall entrance with St. Pancratius Chapel at the background
the chapel and the wall of niches

How to get to Paco Park?

If you're from Quezon City (Project 8), just like me, take the LRT and alight at the U.N. Station. Get across the other side and walk the length of Taft Avenue going to Padre Faura. Turn left at the corner of P. Faura Street (you'll see Land Bank at the corner of P. Faura and Taft Avenue) and you'll pass by the national headquarter of the Girl Scout of the Philippines on your left. Just walk straight ahead (around 2 blocks) until you reach San Marcelino Street. At the corner of P. Faura and San Marcelino, across the other side is Paco Park.

Another way to get there (from Quezon City) is via a jeepney. From QC (Cubao, Project 6, Project 8, Fairview), there's a jeepney plying the route to Pasay-Taft via Taft Avenue. Take any of those jeepneys and get off at Padre Faura Street. Get across the other side and walk the stretch of Padre Faura until you reach Paco Park.

~ oo00oo ~

Paco Park and Cemetery
Entrance Fee: 10 Php
Schedule: 8:00AM - 5:00PM,
Tuesday - Sunday
San Marcelino Street, Paco, Manila
Date of Visit: August 24, 2014


  1. Such a nice place. I haven't been there either. Thanks for showing:)

    1. hello ate Joy! nice to hear from you again, merry christmas! :)

  2. Replies
    1. hi Lori, thank you. I visited your blog and found out you have a new one but I can't open, will just visit it again next time. Merry Christmas! :)

  3. An amazing story to tell, with the stunning photos.


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