Ilocos Norte | A Tricycle Tour Experience: Bangui Windmills

Bangui Windmills - Bangui, Ilocos Norte

This is the second leg of our tricycle tour, our next stop after our visit to Cape Bojeador Lighthouse. From Burgos Lighthouse, Bangui windmills is around 30 minutes of tricycle ride on the highway and another few minutes of bumpy ride on a one-lane dirt road leading to Bangui Bay. (I wonder why a much better road isn't constructed here when it is one of the province's main tourists attractions. Oh well, never mind! :P)

Bangui's town marker

When we got to the place, I marveled at the huge wind turbines lined-up on-shore along the arc of the Bangui Bay. From below, it looks like the blades are not spinning fast enough yet I read it generates power enough to supply around 40% of the province's requirements. This wind farm provides not just electricity to the province but also creates an attraction that showcase the fusion of the beauty of nature and the power of technology. It's amazing, really!

After several snaps at the wind turbines and the wavy beach front, we took refuge in one of the eateries in the area (it's noon time then, it's so hot in there despite the windy beach front). We're supposed to dine in one of the eateries featured on TV but the scorching heat prevented us from doing so. Instead, we took our lunch at Amian Cafe, one of the restaurants/eateries lined up near the shore along Bangui Bay.

took these photos while waiting for the food - souvenir items: Bangui's mini-windmills, etc...

Anyway, these are what we ordered for our lunch at Amian Cafe: the famous Ilocos' bagnet, inabraw (or dinengdeng) and calamares. I think we spend around 800-900 PhP (lost my receipt, forgot how much exactly) for our orders. The servings were more than good enough for three persons. The foods were okay, mostly authentic Ilocano dishes, just a bit pricey though, which I think is no shocker since the restaurant is located in a heavily-touristed area.

Ilocos cuisine: Inabraw or dinengdeng (UR) and bagnet (LL) from Amian Cafe

More photos after lunch...

Amian Cafe, outdoor dining overlooking the beach
the huge wind turbines...
another shot of Bangui Windmills

After our lunch, we took rest for a while, took some more photos too; and for the last time, marveled once again at the huge turbines. And then we headed off to our next destination: Kapurpurawan Rock Formation. 'Til then... ^_^

~ oo00oo ~

Bangui Windmills
Bangui, Ilocos Norte
Date of Visit: November 16, 2013


  1. Thanks for the free visual tour. Nice to see this place although just in pictures. Oh! I miss Philippines:)

  2. thanks for the visit ate Joy :)

    @Ysay: hey gurl, thanks. musta na?

  3. The windmills in Bangui are magnificent, but when we went there the sun was really high so I had a hard time enjoying the scenery because the sun was hurting my eyes.

  4. Ang ganda dito kung di lang uber sa init yung lugar.

  5. Why windmills has this something magical?

  6. thank you for the details. I'm planning to visit this place:) this would be helpful:)


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