5th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition (2014) | France vs Japan

I love watching fireworks display. I get excited just by the thought that I would be watching it. It brings out the child in me. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to watch the first four countries (including the opening presentation by the Philippines) participating in this year's 5th International Pyromusical Competition. I was tied up with my work I wasn't able to watch them. I had a chance on the third week though, when a friend called and invited me. It's somehow late when my friend called but since she promised to reserve a space (on the breakwater) for me, I hurriedly prepare myself and rushed out. I made it in time thankfully, just a few minutes before France's fireworks presentation starts.

France Fireworks (in photos)

I wasn't too impressed with France's fireworks display. I find it somehow boring. Nothing extraordinary that would make us spectators gasp with awe. And the music was too slow, too. But one thing I noticed this year, the organizers improved the sound system. Even on the far side of the silver viewing area, the music can still be heard clearly. That's why I noticed the slow music accompanying France's fireworks presentation.

Anyway, here are some of my somehow "presentable" fireworks photos (my timing sucks, couldn't get nice enough ones...pfft!).

Japan Fireworks (in photos)

Last year, I was able to watch Japan's fireworks presentation. They were good, with several fireworks tricks and formations that kept us spectators in awe. This year's presentation is almost the same, with hearts and smileys formation, too; no hello kitty, though. Anyway, here are some of my (again) somehow "presentable" photos; just please bear with them. Hopefully, I could watch at least the closing night again. And hopefully, I could get good photos by then. Practice makes perfect, right? ;)

~ oo00oo ~

Schedule of Pyromusical Competition:

For those who would want to see and watch this year's pyromusical competition happening in Mall of Asia in Pasay City, you still have a chance. The pyromusical competition is still on-going until the third week of March with the following countries, yet to showcase their fireworks skills:

March 15, 2014

Finland: by Oy Pyroman Finland Ltd.
Canada: by Royal Pyrotechnie

March 22, 2014

USA: by Atlas Pyro Vision
Philippines: by Platinum Fireworks, Inc. (a closing exhibition)

See you there!  ^_^

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