MetroFoodTrip | A Taste of Korea at Mr. Kimbob Korean Health Food

Bibimbap aka bibimbob at Mr. Kimbob
My friend and I were looking for something to eat at SM Food Court last weekend when we chanced upon this food counter with lots of customers queuing up. I got curious so I went near it and looked at the display. The food counter is Mr. Kimbob, a quick service Korean restaurant chain serving Korean dishes at an affordable price. I check out the orders of the other customers and noticed that most of them ordered a meal combo on a sizzling plate with rice and sunny side on top surrounded by colorful veggies, much like how Koreans prepare their foods (as I saw it on Koreanovelas). It made me more curious  so I stood in line and also ordered for it. My friend who's not as adventurous as me when it comes to food left and look for something else.

Quezon City | Quezon Memorial Shrine: In Honor of the Father of Philippine Independence

The bronze casket w/ the remains of Pres. Quezon at the very center of Quezon Memorial Shrine/Museum

One Thursday of September (third week), I went to Quezon City hall to apply/renew my NBI clearance. I left the house at around 11:00AM, got there past 12:00NN, went thru the usual process of applying for the clearance amid the oppressive heat and long queues: photocopied my ID, filled-up the form, paid the fees (125 PhP, local or abroad). And then there I was, at the counter where my photo and fingerprints will be taken and also where my receipt will be stamped of the date when I'd be able to get my clearance. But what has the staff told me? For me to be back on October 7, more than two weeks after! The staff said I got a "hit" and just be back on the date stamped on my receipt. I got annoyed. I knew the reason why I got a "hit" (I had this contractual obligation with a government agency before) but I already sent them three months ago my clearance from the said agency...tsk!

Anyway, to calm myself and forget about that somewhat "expected" event, I went to Quezon Memorial Circle afterwards to walk around. I've been to this park several times before, we (my friend and I) usually have our dinner in one of the restaurants there. But I haven't been to the Quezon Memorial Shrine yet. So I decided to pay the shrine a visit and see what's in there.

Batangas | Happy Family Weekend @ Blue Coral Beach Resort

Blue Coral Beach Resort - Laiya, San Juan, Batangas
Blue Coral Beach Resort - Laiya, San Juan, Batangas

Last July, my family had this relaxing and fun overnight stay at Blue Coral Beach Resort. As mentioned in my previous post, my brother took a vacation from his work and invited us in his family's weekend getaway. It was just an overnight stay, yes. But it was such a happy and stress-free vacation, especially for me since I didn't spend a single cent on this short getaway...hehe. Thank you, brother! ^_^

Anyway, Blue Coral Beach Resort is one of the beach resorts located in the shoreline of Laiya in San Juan, Batangas. It offers rooms and suites (furnished with basic amenities) and other facilities (swimming pools (for kids, adults), water sports equipment, restaurant, videoke bar, etc.) for their guests to enjoy. It also has free WiFi, for those who need to go online during their stay.