Food Trips | A Taste of Kapeng Barako @ Cafeño

Batangas Tamales with Santan (coco jam)...must-try together with kapeng barako!!!
You might be wondering why my first photo is of tamales instead of Batangas' kapeng barako? Sorry for that peeps! After tasting the kapeng barako from Cafeño Coffee House and finding out that it's good and tasted just like the kapeng barako I used to drink back home, I drank it all I forgot to take a photo of it (just a single shot, by the way). :P Anyway, I came to know Cafeño Coffee House when I'm searching for a place to eat in San Juan, Batangas. It was for our family vacation in Laiya, San Juan last July, when my brother took a vacation from his work as an OFW. And it was my first time going out with family without spending a single cent for it, *happiness*! ^_^ 

Bulacan | A Historical Trip to Barasoain Church and Museum

Barasoain Church
Barasoain Church - Malolos, Bulacan

History is one of my not so favorite subjects. I don't like memorizing names and dates and places, I'm not good with them really ('til now actually, I can remember the face but I sometimes can't remember the name...hehe!). With the so many names and places and dates that we usually have to memorize in history subjects, I mixed them up! Nowadays, I am more curious and I appreciate more the historical sites and the people in our history (maybe because I am not forced to memorize a thing nowadays? hehe...).

Batangas | When It Rains It Pours @ Sonata Lake Resort

Sonata Lake Resort, Talisay, Batangas

One week before our Taal Volcano hike, I called up a number of resorts for a one night stay. As mentioned in my Taal Volcano climb post, I was with my mom and nephews, one of whom is only 4 years old. So even though hiking Taal Volcano can be done as a day tour, I opted to stay in a resort. I texted/called up several numbers then, one of which I got from a blogsite. I confirmed it to him that we're coming and so I thought we have a place to stay. He didn't mention he's not the resort owner so I thought he is. And when I asked about the down payment, he said no need so again, I thought we're settled. I even texted him the night before we arrived, even during the trip on our way there, to confirm that we're coming. But when we got there, nah. Nothing! We have no place to stay!