Malaysia | Street Dining at Jalan Alor KL

Summer time is adventure another country! ;) Last summer, I joined a friend (and her friends) in their summer adventure in Malaysia and Singapore. We bought a 5D/5N package tour, 3 days in Malaysia and 3 days in Singapore. *wink-wink* :D

We left Manila at around 2:10PM via Cebu Pacific Air and reached Kuala Lumpur at around 6:00PM. Since it was a package tour, airport-hotel transfer was provided so we have a ride to our hotel. During the trip to the hotel, I asked the driver what Malaysian food should we try but he discouraged us and said that Malaysian food is full of fats, we might not like it (our driver looks like an Indian, maybe that's why...hehe!). However, he was kind enough to show us the famous Jalan Alor, which is just walking distance from our hotel.

Jalan Alor - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Jalan Alor is a street in Bukit Bintang area lined up with hawker stalls and restaurants. There are also those food carts like what we have here in the Philippines that offer dimsum and barbecue products. But instead of "isaw" (chicken intestine), "tokneneng" (quail eggs), "adidas" (chicken feet), etc., they have prawns, meats, and different kinds of dimsum on the carts. Fruit  stalls also lined up the street. There's so many restaurants, stalls and food choices here, it's so hard to choose where and what to eat. Anyway, we ended up trying Dragon View Restaurant, one of the Chinese restaurants in Jalan Alor.

Eager to try out a new dish, I ordered fried cockles koey teow. I didn't understand then the restaurant staff when she explained what koey teow is so I also ordered roaster mix chicken rice, a set meal of roasted chicken, pork and another meat (I forgot what it was) with rice and a can of sprite (RM3.50, around PhP46.00, expensive right?) for drinks. My friends, who are afraid of trying out dishes they don't know, also ordered roaster mixed chicken rice. When our orders arrived, I found out that koey teow is a stir-fried flat noodles with cockles, shrimps and bean sprouts (wow, carbo-loading itech...hehe!). It tasted good by the way, and one order could serve 2 - 3 persons (for RM6, around PhP80, it's fair enough).

Fried Cockles Koey Teow - RM6
Roaster Mix Chicken Rice - RM8.50
Restoran Dragon View - Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur
Street Dining - Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur
Street Foods - Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur
Street Foods - Jalan, Alor, Kuala Lumpur
Street Foods - Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Alor is a must-visit destination in Kuala Lumpur especially for food lovers looking for food varieties at a reasonable price, check it out when you visit Malaysia. More of our KL summer adventures next time. See you around...

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KL Summer Adventure Series:
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  * The City Tour (Day 2)
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  * The Towering Towers of Kuala Lumpur (Day 2)
  * Shopping in Jalan Petaling - KL Chinatown (Day 3)

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Date of Visit: May 6, 2012
Total Expenses for this dinner: RM18.00 (around PhP238.00)

Thailand | Khao Tom Mud (Banana-filled Sticky Rice Cakes)

Can you guess where this photo was taken? I bet you'll guess it was taken here in the Philippines, on the side streets in one of the provinces up north, probably in one of the Ilocos provinces. But your guess is wrong! This photo was taken in Thailand last year, during my summer adventure in Bangkok.

Cavite: Baldomero Shrine | Imus Cathedral | Etc.

For the past two weeks, I've written posts about my road trips to Cavite last April 9 and June 10, the first one about the Aguinaldo Shrine in Kawit while the second post about one of the favorite summer coolers of Filipinos, halo-halo (Bacoor). Being one of the eight provinces who revolted against the Spaniards, Cavite has many interesting places worth exploring. Unfortunately, as I've mentioned in my previous post, some of the places we visited were closed during that time so we just took some photos of them. Here are some of the places we stopped by during the said road trips:

Baldomero Aguinaldo Shrine

Baldomero Aguinaldo Shrine - Kawit, Cavite

Bacoor Food Trip: Digman's Halo-Halo

Digman's (top) & Chowking's (bottom)
A week before my visit to Aguinaldo Shrine, I happened to watch a TV program that features one of Pinoy's favorite summer coolers - halo-halo (a Pinoy dessert with sweetened fruits, shaved ice and milk). And one of the halo-halos featured on the said show was Digman's!

Although summer season had passed, temperature is still high, it felt like it still is summer, a delicious halo-halo would be a welcome treat. So after our visit to the Aguinaldo Shrine, we decided to head straight to Bacoor to try their famous halo-halo. Before we left the Shrine, we asked the locals for directions going to Digman in Bacoor. By the way, Digman is one of the barangays in Bacoor, Cavite and not the name of the owner/s of the famous halo-halo shop.