Thailand | Khao Tom Mud (Banana-filled Sticky Rice Cakes)

Can you guess where this photo was taken? I bet you'll guess it was taken here in the Philippines, on the side streets in one of the provinces up north, probably in one of the Ilocos provinces. But your guess is wrong! This photo was taken in Thailand last year, during my summer adventure in Bangkok.

And those things wrapped in banana leaves, they are not tupig (a Filipino delicacy made of glutinous rice and grated young coconut meat). They are called Khao Tom Mud (I just google-d its Thai name because I already forgot how it's called, hopefully I got it right ^_^ ), a Thai street food made of sticky rice cakes filled with banana and black beans. We saw it just outside Wat Benchamabophit, one of the temples we visited during our adventure in Bangkok. Curious with how this tupig-like delicacy would taste like, we bought some from this manong vendor. And just as I thought, khao tom mud tastes just like our local suman here in the Philippines, only with a little difference, of course, because it has ripe bananas and black beans as its fillings which add flavors to it.

This is the only street food that we tried while we were in Bangkok. There are more exotic street foods there but I'm not yet ready to try them, maybe next time, if I found the courage to do so. :P

~ oo00oo ~

P.S.: Pardon TPW for not coming up with a new post about her more recent (but not so recent...hehe) wanderings, she's just not in the mood to write a new post and sort out her photos, she's too lazy these past few days. Hopefully next week, she could come up with a new one. For now, please bear with her old photos and a short story about them.


  1. hmmm sounds first glance one would really think this was shot in Ilocos, Philippines...dropping by to say your wanderings inspire me..blessed day :-)

  2. YeH at first sa iLocos tlga ang naisip ko kung dimo pa sinabing thailand hehehe.
    Na miss ko tuloy kumain ng tupig:))

  3. wow. nice to see this picture ans they made their suman. Maybe we tray that next time when making suman:)

  4. Okay lang yon lahat naman ata tinatamad mag update kasi mas masarap matulog nowadays lamiiiiggg!

  5. Thais look like Filipinos too, so madaling magkamali, haha! Di ako mahilig sa suman or tupig e.. Kakayanin mo bang i-try ang mga deep fried insects at snakes nila sa next balik mo, hihi!

  6. Love the new header at layout! Ako may idea nako thai sya kasi sa title palang :)

  7. Nung nag Thailand naman kami ang dami namin na try na street food kaya nga nagtae ako e. hahaha!

  8. siguro tama lang ang presyo niyan...hindi mahal...

  9. kakaiba ah! gusto ko'ng matikman :)

    * di ko talaga triny ung giant rollercoaste sa SG lol


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