Road Trips | Taal, Batangas: The Heritage Town

Basilica de San Martin de Tours (Taal)
Last year, I've been to Vigan City in Ilocos Sur and visited for the first time the Heritage Village, one of the popular tourist destinations up north. I went to Vigan to see the vintage houses in the Heritage Village not knowing that in my home province, we have our very own Heritage Town: Taal.

Road Trips | Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church Lipa: A Second Visit

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church
More than a month ago, my friend and I went for a road-cum-food trip to the home of kapeng barako, Batangas. We thought of visiting Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church in Lipa City as I told him about the miraculous events associated with the said church.  We were also supposed to attend mass there but since we left Manila late in the morning, we missed the morning mass schedules. :(

QMC's Circle of Fun: A Park Inside a Park

Night shot of Quezon Memorial Circle
Quezon Memorial Circle
During weekends, restaurants and other fast food chains located in the malls are usually full-packed.  After attending the mass, families usually go straight to the mall to dine.  In instances when we don't have the patience to wait, we usually go to the Quezon Memorial Circle (QMC) to have dinner in one of the restaurants there, usually in Max's.  One time though, we decided to have our dinner in Bacolod's Chicken Inasal, also located inside QMC.

Visita Iglesia 2012

Visita Iglesia 2012
One of the many good influences that my friend have on me is the practice of Catholic faith.  He is a regular church-goer and since we met, we regularly attended mass together during weekends.  On Lenten season, we do Visita Iglesia and Way of the Cross together, usually during Maundy Thursday.

Luneta Park: I Shall Return!

Luneta Park's Attraction: Dancing Light
Luneta Park, I shall return! These are the words I said to my friends when we did our Luneta and Intramuros photo walk (hehe...feeling photographer lang, please bear with me) two weekends ago. As I mentioned in my kalesa tour post, the weather and the rain conspired against us we were not able to enjoy much of our photo walk that time. Despite the rains, my friends still took some photographs but I didn't. I wouldn't risk exposing the camera I'm using just to take photographs that time, the park's just within Metro Manila and I can always come back here anytime anyway. So as promised, I returned, to once again watched this dancing light attraction. This time, I was able to take some photos without worrying of my camera getting wet.

Unlike our first time here, there were lots of spectators last Sunday night, foreign and local tourists, that is. Some are with their partners; majority in groups, with their families and friends. Some were busy taking photographs and videos, but most of them were just enjoying the show. You'll hear lots of admiration especially from children. (You could have heard the children's happy reaction through a video I'm supposed to add here but my internet connection was so slow, I wasn't able to upload the video, tried it 3x but to no avail. *sad*)  Indeed, this is one good time to enjoy with your family, it's near and very accessible and most of all, it's free.

Be forewarned though, my friend noticed a group who, instead of watching the show, watched people especially those who brought gadgets with them. He even noticed them checking and watching me intently, probably because I'm holding a DSLR and a videocam that time. For everyone who would go to Luneta to watch this show, be very careful, take notice of the people around you, let them know you're aware of them so they would know you're not an easy target. And as much as possible, stay or be close to groups of people, especially to a family group, you'll be safer that way. Enjoy the show but still, be vigilant!

Dancing Light Photos

a lighted fountain, zoomed-in

Luneta Park Photos (taken during our first visit, before the rain)

World-class Filipinos bloom

marker indicating the site where the three priests (Gomez, Burgos & Zamora) accused of rebellion were executed
Rizal Monument
main fountain, where the dancing light attraction was held

Date of Visit: April 1, 2012
Entrance Fee: Free
Dancing Light Schedule: everyday from 6:30PM - 9:00PM