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Bangkok Summer Adventure 2011: The City Tour

We bought our Bangkok Summer Adventure 2011 package tour from PAL's (Philippine Airlines) swing-around package. It includes airfare, accommodation, daily buffet breakfast, hotel/airport transfers and half day city tour. So on our second day, our first agenda was to join the city tour that was part of the package. The tour includes a visit to three of Bangkok's temples, Wat Benchamabophit, Wat Intharawihan and Wat Pho. However, because we enjoyed photographing the first two temples (Wat Benchamabophit & Wat Intharawihan), we spent most of our time on these first two we were not able to get to the last one *sad*. Also included in the package is a visit to The Gems Gallery, a jewelry factory.

Bangkok Summer Adventure 2011

Tuk-tuk replica at MBK mall, just for photo-ops :D,
I don’t have a photo of the real one but it’s actually smaller, with just a row of seats, unlike this replica
Last summer 2011, I was able to go out of the country for the first time. My destination – Bangkok, Thailand! I was so excited with this trip I made sure that I have all the necessary requirements and clearances with me, (though I heard from colleagues that they weren’t asked for it).  I have contractual obligation with a certain agency in the government, hence the need to get so many clearances. And I’d rather get one beforehand than encounter some problems at the immigration on the day of our departure.  It's better be prepared than sorry, it’s my first travel abroad, anyway. :D

Cavite | Overnight Camping at Pico de Loro

Mt. Pico de Loro - the summit
Except when I joined vibouac during my high school days, I never again experienced camping out.  It’s not because I am picky though. Camping out usually entails outdoor adventures which I am not that fond of. I am not an adventurous type of person. As I wrote in my Manalmon post, I'm more of a couch potato, hehe. But of course, I do get out of my comfort zone from time to time. :D