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A1 Driving School

I guess most, if not all of us, would want to have a car. Not in our dreams, but in reality. And I am no exception. It's a childhood dream. A dream I intend to fulfill; if not soon, then someday. But before that, I need to learn to drive first. Otherwise, fulfilling my dream and owning a car would be futile. What for is a car if I couldn't drive it, right?

And so last September, I inquired from one of the most (if not the most) popular driving school here in our country, the A1 Driving School. I chose A1 mainly because it's highly recommended by a friend. And since I've no idea about driving and just want to have a basic understanding of it, I enrolled in one of their beginner courses, a 10-hour manual driving course which include a 2-hour orientation lecture, 10 hours actual practice driving and some lecture series. By the way, there's this A1-course where one would have the option to choose between a driving instructor or a training vehicle. I'm not particular with the vehicle or the driving instructor so I chose just the standard manual driving course, as earlier said. A not so good idea, I think (will tell you later why *wink*).