Budget Hotel | Alba Uno Hotel (Review): My First Solo Hotel Stay Experience

Alba Uno Hotel

“Many people suffer from the fear of finding oneself alone, 
and so they don't find themselves at all.” ~Rollo May

I'd like to say I'm not one of those people who fear being alone. Most of my life, I've lived alone and enjoyed the freedom of being alone. No one to answer to or explain myself to if I went home late or if I worked late at night. And yes, I'm living alone here in the Metro. But I've never tried solo travel (except some day-tour trips) yet, not the kind where I would have to stay in a hotel at least for a night. Thanks to my current job, I'm forced to stay in a hotel solo so now I am ready to do solo trips...I think, haha! But first thing first, let me share to you my first ever solo hotel stay experience at Alba Uno Hotel as well as my take on the hotel's room and services.

Alba Uno Hotel is a budget hotel located in Apas, Cebu City, a few blocks away (around 10 minutes leisurely walk) from Cebu City IT Park where commercial establishments and business offices (our Cebu office, too) are located. It offers room and services that I guess cater to travelers with business dealings in Cebu City, probably due to its proximity to Cebu's business district. But it doesn't mean it's not recommended for holiday travelers, too. Of course, it is; especially to those who travel on a budget.

standard room in Alba Uno

For my stay, I was booked in an air-conditioned standard room (for 1,500 PhP/night) with hot and cold shower, double-sized bed, LCD TV (with cable TV programming) and a telephone. It also comes with two complimentary bottled water, slippers and toiletries (shampoo/conditioner, bar soap, dental kits). It also has free WiFi, for those who need to get connected online. But what caught my attention in this room is its power outlet. The outlet has two USB ports where you can charge your gadgets directly. No need to worry about bringing in or looking for a power plug adaptor. Cool, right?!

power outlet w/ USB ports for charging gadgets

Furthermore, the hotel also offers free shuttle service to Cebu IT Park. I haven't tried this service though as my office is just a 10-minute walk from this hotel. Except for the (NOT) hot and cold shower (during my most recent stay), I'm quite satisfied with the accommodation and services Alba Uno offers. The front desk staffs are always all-smile and accommodating, the guard is always ready to open doors for you (he'll also get a cab for you, if you need one), and the room is always clean and made up when I get back in the evening. It's a nice accommodation actually so I had a restful and hassle-free one week stay in Cebu (for free! :P). And most importantly, I didn't get a spooky feeling for which I am so thankful ('tis the reason I'm afraid of solo travels; yes, you get it right peeps, I'm a coward...haha!)

For those looking for a budget hotel in Cebu City, Alba Uno Hotel is a nice option. It's just 30 minutes away from the airport, situated in a fairly safe location, is just walking distance from restaurants, cafes and other commercial establishments, and most importantly, it'll fit your budget without sacrificing some basic conveniences. If ever, I hope you'll get to enjoy your stay there; just as I did. ^_^

~ oo00oo ~

Alba Uno Hotel
Villa Amores Compound
Apas, Cebu City, Cebu
Tel. No.: (032) 520 5000
Date of Visit: March 10 - 14, 2014
(most recent) July 9 - 11, 2014


  1. Hurrah! You made it, you survived you're first ever solo hotel stay!!! Hehehe. Sarap namang work yan, you do your job and at the same time you're on travel and exploring, a week for free. NEMEN! Happy for you gurl, at last you landed a job you quiet like very well. I miss our chats, that's why I'm here doing the bloghopping thing again ;)

  2. Hi Gracie dear, miss you too! Yes, ok ang work ko now. I love the challenges, I love the people I work with but I must admit it's hard, I've almost given up, thought of resigning several times. hehe. And it's never a week of exploring (the city), the trip is all about work except some food trips here and there. Btw, I've sent you a PM, check out your FB. :)

  3. For a budget hotel it looks nice, and the usb port, nice touch. It was only recently that I got to try staying in a hotel alone and it was indeed fun, but I've yet to try traveling solo. Like you I have no problem being alone though, I'm quite used to it actually.

  4. That's a good choice of Hotel. I notice the usb port, that's cool. haha! Anyway, have you try in this hotel http://www.summithotels.ph/hotels/summit-circle-cebu/? Near ba sya sa mga tourist spots?

    1. hi Sandy! haven't tried summit circle yet, checked it out thou and yeah, it's near the city's tourist attractions. thanks for visiting here, btw. :)


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