Cebu | City Walking Tour: A Shooting Spree!

Magellan's Cross
If you have read my previous post, you would know that for the first time last March, I finally visited Cebu City. It was just a short visit, a side trip from our Bohol family vacationBut we were still able to squeeze in a few hours for a walking tour. I couldn't say for sure that I could bring back my family here again, might as well have a look around and see some of the city's famous landmarks. :)

So after a few minutes of rest in the hotel (after a tiring trip from Bohol), we went out to do our walking tour. It's literally a walking tour; from our hotel in Colon street, we walk our way to Basilica del Sto. Nino to the nearby Plaza Independencia and finally, to Fort San Pedro. And why did we do that? Simply because I thought it's near, blame my phone for that! :P (Before we left the hotel, I checked my phone for directions. I thought it would be easier to follow directions from my phone's map than asking the locals. The downside - places look closer (just several blocks away) if viewed in the map when actually, they are far apart!) Though it's still within walking distance, it's kinda far if you're tired and you've just been from a long trip.

Cebu Business Hotel | A Budget-Friendly Hotel in Cebu City

Cebu Business Hotel Reception

I've been to Cebu, finally. Yey! :D

Cebu is probably one of the provinces that can be easily reached, if one so like it. Several airlines fly here and there are lots of flight schedules available, from dawn till dawn of the next day. But it was only last March that I was able to visit Cebu. If not for the first ever family trip we had, I may not be able to visit it this year.

So where did we stay in Cebu?

MetroFoodTrip | Snackaroo Char-Broiled T-Bone and Porterhouse Steak

Snackaroo porterhouse steak
Snackaroo porterhouse steak

My dinner buddy is a meat lover. Any dish as long as it has meat on it, he'll like it. Though I'm a seafood lover myself, of course I also give in to meat dishes too. Yesterday, he suggested that we go to Snackaroo, an eatery that specializes on affordable steaks, which he and some of his officemates discovered and frequented for lunch.