Guest Post | Central Europe Retreats: Croatia

Step away from the traditional tourist traps in 2013 and explore somewhere different. Nestled in the heart of Central Europe, Croatia’s appeal is a diverse one. From its rich culture and beautiful architecture to the activities that will appeal to the outdoor enthusiasts, this wonderful country shouldn't go unnoticed.

Croatia (photo from the sponsor site)
Blessed with a stunning coastline and seven UNESCO World Heritage sites, it really is a hidden treasure. With translucent Adriatic waters, rocky beaches and rolling hills that make a perfect base for cycling holidays and walking excursions, you will be spoilt for choice here. Swimming and watersports opportunities are rife and, with more than 1000 islands dotted around the area, sailing is equally popular, giving people the chance to explore far and wide.

Greetings from Norway: Land of the Midnight Sun

photo source: Gracie's Network

Midnight sun! Have you heard or read about it before here? Me? I first heard of the phrase from Gracie of Gracie's Network, a Filipina who is now working and living in the land of the midnight sun Norway. When I first read her tweet (or blog-post, am not sure) about the midnight sun, it got me curious so I immediately consulted my ever reliable and know-it-all friend Google and here's what I found:

Midnight sun is a natural phenomenon wherein some countries (Norway included) north of the Arctic Circle experience daylight all throughout the 24-hour period. That is, the sun never descends beneath the horizon and that one can see it even at midnight, especially during summer when the weather is fair. (source: wikipedia)