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Siloso Beach, Sentosa Island
After the boring city tour and the quick lunch at a fastfood joint near the hotel, we headed to Vivo City for the Sentosa tour. To get there, we rode the MRT from Little India Station to Harbor Front Station where Vivo City is. There are several ways to get to Sentosa Island and one of them is through cable car ride which we want to experience. So after going around the mall and after buying some souvenir items, we went to the ticket booth to buy tickets for the cable car ride. In the ticketing area, we saw some flyers that showcase different package tours to Sentosa Island. One of these package tours is the Night Experience Package (SGD38) where we can save up to 43% off the ticket price. The catch? We have to wait for 5PM before we can purchase it. If I remember it right, it was just past 3PM then, a lot of waiting time yes but since we're looking for a package where we can save money, we waited for it. To pass the time, we went back to the mall and window shop. I also went back to the perfume store I checked out before to buy a friend's request (a friend gave me money to buy her a perfume). 

And then came 5PM, we went to the ticket booth again and bought the Night Experience Package. The package includes round trip tickets for the cable car, a ticket to luge car, skyride, Songs of the Sea, and a choice between Desperados in 3D or Sentosa 4D Magix; we chose the latter. And then off we go to the cable car station, excited with the cable car ride!

The Sentosa Cable Car

This cable car ride is one of my unforgettable experience in Singapore. I am afraid of heights and though I knew it before I hopped in, I never thought I would be so consumed by it. During the cable car ride, it feels like everything is in slow motion, I am so afraid I couldn't even move in my seat. I was so frozen with fear I started crying. Yes peeps, you read it right, I cried! And because of that, I never get to enjoy the magnificent view of Sentosa Island below. I was not able to take pictures too...tsk tsk!

Singapore Cable Car (photo courtesy of GB)
With this experience, you think I wouldn't ride this cable car again. But you're wrong! I am a masochist I rode with it again back to Vivo City. *wink* That, or I'll be looking for a bus ride on my own. Anyway, the second time around is not as fearful as the first one, I was able to somehow control my fear I didn't cry again. And I was able to take pictures too. Too bad, the pictures are blurry...pfft!

Sentosa 4D Magix

Sentosa 4D Magix is an interactive movie experience with 4D effects; that is, a 3D movie with special physical or natural effects. If I'm not mistaken, the movie they're playing that time is The Pirates (I don't know if it's the same as the movie played in the big screen or just an adaptation), so we experienced being  sprayed with water as if we're in the same boat with the characters, our seats were shaken and moved as if we're part of the movie, and we were tickled too (there are leg ticklers underneath the seats). This movie experience is probably for kids, but we enjoyed it very much. It's fun! Try it when you visit Sentosa too! :)

The Luge Ride and the SkyRide

I had experienced luge ride before during our Paradise Ranch/Zoocobia Tour and it was fun, a bit scary at first but when you get the hang of it, it's exciting and thrilling. I am excited for this ride but am a little bit worried too because the track is longer, I'm worried that I might not be able to make it to the finish line without stalling, just like what had happened in Paradise Ranch. But maybe because this was the third time I had done this, I was able to fully control the cart, I made it to the finish line without a goof...yey! :D

Sentosa's Luge and Skyride
Skyride is a twin adventure of luge ride. It is a ride on a 4-seater chairlift (lower-right photo in the collage above) back to the hilltop where the luge ride begins. On board the skyride chairlift, one can have a panoramic view of the island and its coastline. But I never had the chance to enjoy it. If on the cable car I cried silently, here on skyride I'm crying and screaming and calling my mom's name and praying all throughout the ride; at that moment, I thought I'm gonna die. Skyride is like sitting on a bench floating 12 storeys high above the ground with only a safety bar protecting you from falling. And it's super slow, I thought the ride would never gonna end. Thank goodness it was nighttime then, had it been daytime, I might have fainted out of fear. Skyride is really really scary, super duper scary, I would never ever ride with it again, NEVER...EVER!! (PS: Skyride is not advisable for people with fear of heights!)

Songs of the Sea

Songs of the Sea is a multimedia show set in the sea (of course) and held in Siloso Beach in Sentosa Island. It is a fantastic show of fireworks, laser and flame burst display as well as live performance from the casts. The show revolves around Li, (the main character) and his discovery of Princess Ami, a sleeping princess, as well as his quest to awaken her through his songs.

Songs of the Sea - live casts performance
Songs of the Sea - kelong
Songs of the Sea - light show
Songs of the Sea - light show
Here's a short video of Songs of the Sea, enjoy watching! :)

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Marina Bay Sands
Singapore is the smallest country in Asia, with only a total land area of about 704 square kilometers including the reclaimed lands (source: Wikipedia). Before its land reclamation, Singapore is actually smaller than Metro Manila. However, with an average income per capita of USD56,694 a year, it now ranked number 3 in the list of the world's richest countries, next to Luxembourg (2nd) and Qatar (1st) (source: Singapore is part of our KL-SG summer adventure this 2012.

Food Trip: Kamayan sa Palaisdaan in Tayabas, Quezon

Kamayan sa Palaisdaan - Tayabas, Quezon
After climbing more or less 300 steps in Kamay ni Hesus Shrine, we heard our stomach rumble so we decided to have our early dinner at Kamayan sa Palaisdaan in Tayabas, Quezon, a floating restaurant along the highway going to Lucban, Quezon. We pass by this restaurant on our way to the Shrine from Lipa City. The restaurant, which is just a few minutes away from the Shrine, features a dining experience (with your bare hands, if you so desire) in a floating nipa hut.