Intramuros' Kalesa Tour Experience

kalesa & kutsera!! (photo courtesy of Gigster)

According to my father, my grandpa (my mother's father) was once a kutsero (a man driving a kalesa) during his younger years. But since I only met my grandpa once and he's old then, I haven't had a chance to ride with him. Actually, I haven't had a chance to ride a kalesa since before last weekend. Kalesa, a horse-drawn carriage, is the Philippines' mode of transportation in the olden times.

Q&A: About The Pinay Wanderer

I'm supposed to post this on my other blog but I realized I only made a very simple self introduction on my very first post here, so here's a little something about my boring self. This post might make you a "lightweight reader" though so be careful, you might damage your laptop as you do "qwerty nosedive".  I've warned you now so you can't hold me liable for the damage. :D To Gracie, you gave me a headache, I feel like tagging you back but since you're sending me a cutie pink bear, you're safe, hehe! Here we go:

Food Trips | Batangas Bulalo @ Rose and Grace Restaurant

Batangas, one of the provinces in the Southern Tagalog Region; home of kapeng barako, Batangas lomi and of course, the famous Batangas bulalo.  Being one of the main producers of cattle in the country, Batangas is known for its bulalo, a classic Filipino dish consisting of beef shanks with bone marrow boiled and cooked slowly in a broth until the meat is tender.

Rose & Grace's Batangas Bulalo - PhP400.00 (w/ veggies); PhP370.00 (w/o veggies)

Pampanga | Paradise Ranch & Zoocobia: Clark Adventures Finale

Paradise Ranch - Clark's Nature and Conservation Park
Paradise Ranch is a nature and conservation park located in Zoocobia Valley in Clark, Pampanga.   It is managed by a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting environmental conservation through reforestation and animal and wildlife preservation.  It promotes responsible charity through "work for food" and "work for school" programs.  It is also the home to Zoocobia Fun Zoo, a zoo that features among others, "bird thrill" and "zooc ride".

Pampanga | Nayong Pilipino: realizing a childhood dream!

Nayong Pilipino - Clark Expo
In Metro Manila and nearby provinces, field trips and excursions are part of annual school activities, especially in the private schools.  But in far-flung areas and remote barangays like the one I once lived in Oriental Mindoro, field trips and excursions are unheard of activities in school.  I've never experienced field trips during my elementary days.  In my high school days, though Batangas is near Metro Manila, we had but only one field trip.  It's an educational tour to the Planetarium, the Luneta Park, a museum (I forgot what museum) and SM Store (educational tour(?)...and as if we have money to buy souvenirs...hehe).