Pampanga | 17th Hot Air Balloon Festival: a prelude to a fun-filled adventure in Clark

17th Hot Air Balloon Festival - Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga
The Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival is a sports aviation event held in Clark Freeport Zone in Pampanga.  The event's being held annually since 1994 to help boost the local economy (following the devastating Mt. Pinatubo eruption) and to make the Philippines one of the leading sports aviation and travel destinations in the Asia Pacific Region (source: Wikipedia).  It is usually held during the early part of the first quarter of every year.  It features hot air ballooning, aeromodelling, kite flying, aircraft competitions, paragliding, skydiving, dancing helicopters and more.

Bulacan | Spelunking at Bayukbok Cave, a fun-filled yet life-threatening, extreme adventure

As I wrote in my previous post (Conquering Mt. Manalmon), I am not an active type of person; not into sports, not into any exercise regimen except for a short walk from my office in Ayala Avenue to MRT station (Ayala-EDSA), which of course is hardly strenuous.  But would you believe that I went through (unexpectedly, that is) an extreme, life-threatening adventure during our spelunking at Bayukbok cave?

The Pinay Wanderer, on a cliff inside Bayukbok cave

Bulacan | Conquering Mt. Manalmon: A day-hike adventure

view from the Mt. Manalmon summit
I'm not an active type of person; couch potato, you may call me.  No regular exercise regimen, no strenuous activities. Certainly, no outdoor adventures.  For years, I've been like this. Boring, right? :D Recently however, I've decided to go out, to come out of my comfort zone; to join a group of friends on a day-hike adventure to Mt. Manalmon.