My Christmas Wishlist to Santa ME!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!
Two more days and it's Christmas once again but it's only now that I would be posting my christmas wishlist, I guess Santa would not be able to grant my wishes. *wink* But since this wishlist is intended for Santa ME, I might still be able to get them, I just don't know when. *hehe* Anyway, this post is in response to a tag made by a fellow blogger Grace of Chicturista for this season's "All I Want for Christmas" meme. Thank you Grace for tagging me. Sorry though, I won't be tagging friends anymore as I noticed everyone (of my friends here in blogosphere) were already tagged. I guess I am the last one to join this meme. ;)

Anyway, following are my wishes to Santa ME, I hope she would be able to find the resources needed to grant them. Here it goes:

Trip to Jerusalem - No, it's not the famous parlor game I'm referring to. It's Israel (Jerusalem) I dream of going to someday. This dream was inspired by a post of Batang Mangyan in his "In His Footsteps" post. I've read his post last year (the post was written way back 2009) and since then, Israel has become part of my travel wishlist. :) 

Trip to Korea - I'm a Koreanovela fan! I watch every Korean soaps aired on GMA primetime (Kapuso aketch...hehe) and so it's no wonder I would like to visit the place too. Just recently, I watched iWitness' episode featuring Kara's Korean food trip and she's tasted authentic korean foods, kimchi included, tried making one too. I hope to try it, too. :)

Trip to Japan - When I was with my previous company, I dreamed of going to Japan too. Just like the many employees this former company sent for technical training. Actually, I was recommended once, but unfortunately, I did not meet the company's residency requirement then so I did not qualify. I'm not connected with this company anymore but I hope someday, I would still be able to visit Japan. Any training sponsor? ;)
Ride the World's Fastest Roller Coaster - I first read about Abu Dhabi's fastest roller coaster (Formula Rossa) from Unplog. Though I'm not really into adventure stunts, I'm still curious how it feels to ride the world's fastest roller coaster. I wish Super Mario would grant this one wish, instead of Santa ME. Hahaha, just kidding SuperM! ;)

Canon EF-S 15-85mm USM Lens - I love photography (just a one-way love affair, though). I love taking photos but I hate bringing extra lens/changing lens during trips so I wish to have this Canon EF-S 15-85mm lens. With its longer focal length and wider range coverage, I think it would be a good all-around lens. And I really want it but it's kinda expensive so I guess it would take time for Santa ME to grant this wish. :)

MacBook Air 13-inch, 256GB - My lappy's more than 3 years old; quite old really considering the fast-paced advancement in technology so I want a new one. Notice the emphasis on 'want'? Well yes, I just want a MacBook Air. I don't need it actually because my lappy's more than enough for my needs now (it's specs are still not far behind recent laptop releases), except for weight of course. Mine's too heavy, one more reason why I want Macbook Air. :)

There it is, my christmas wishlist to Santa ME! I hope I get one during my lifetime..hehe! *wink*

~ oo00oo ~

Thank you to all who will visit me this Christmas weekend. I will be going home to spend Christmas with my family so I won't be able to return your visits, will do so when I get back from the holiday vacation. Merry Christmas everyone!  

"Christmas, my child, is love in action.
Every time we love, every time we give, it's Christmas." ~ Dale Evans Rogers


  1. Wow! My wish too to go to Israel.
    I have seen baker king once and I loved that serie from Korea.
    Or else i wish an Ipad or the likes.
    My wishes to santa me too:)
    Merry christmas Tal. Enjoy your time with family:)

  2. Good luck naman kay Santa para hagilapin yang wishes mo sa araw ng Pasko. May 2 days pa naman sya. hehe

    Huwaw Macbook Air *wink*

    Merry Christmas sayo :)

  3. Goodluck sa mga wishes!

    Merry Merry Christmas! Ganda ng greet pic sa taas ^^

  4. Get mo na ang macbook sis:)
    Merry xmas and happy new year na din:)

  5. Ang daming trips! Pasama naman hahaha

    At talagang gusto mong itry ang fastest roller coaster... tara na sa Abu Dhabi hahaha

  6. Wish ko din marating ang 3 places na na-mention mo! At yang fastest roller coaster e pangarap ko din, trip ko mga ganyan..

    Hope you enjoyed your Christmas, sis! And Advanced Happy New Year!

  7. May all your wishes be fulfilled! Belated Merry Christmas!

  8. Merry Christmas to you!
    Korea's in my wishlist too, hehe :D

  9. me to I never posted by wishilist. normally i will post it on my blog since by bro and sis are reading it but because I was busy with work and christmas errands but still im going to post it. It's within us with our well power to spend and buy those wants:)

    Wishing you a joyous holiday season and smashing new year!

  10. Gusto ko din mag punta sa Japan kaya lang natatakot ako. hehe!Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Advance Happy New Year!

  11. Naka-ilang read na ako dito now lang ako magko-comment. Takot kasi akong mahiritan ang mamahal ng mga wishes mo gurl! ha ha dyuk!

    Sama mo ako ha lalo na dun sa Trip to Jerusalem and MacBook. Di ba sabi mo "SantaKa"? paki-double na lang budget hi hi hi

    Happy Christmas and a Fruitful New Year TPW! I wish that all the wishes you wish for will all be granted :)

  12. Happy New Year! sis..Gusto ko pumunta sa Israel din-at Japan..Sa japan hanggang airport lang kasi ako.sana makapunta ako doon.

  13. Thanks for visiting my blog hehehe at happy ako na nagustuhan mo ung ginawa ko sayo for New Year Greetings..

    Enjoy lang diyan... Keep on Blogging ^^

  14. Just dropping by! Wishing you a prosperous 2013!


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